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3 tips for transforming your call center into a profit center

By Morgane Palomares

Last updated September 14, 2016

Retailers primarily compete on three variables: price, product (both quality and selection), and service. Of the three, customer service is the easiest win.

But excellent customer service requires putting your customers at the center of your business and thinking of them before any decision is made. Your success relies on more than just offering great service—it depends on offering a great experience throughout the entire purchase journey, from discovery through post-purchase.

Increasingly, customer service plays a part in more than just the post-purchase experience. Customers reach out with questions as they research products, read reviews, and consider making a purchase. But are your agents prepared to help make a sale?

Here are three tips from our ebook, A Retailer’s Guide to Getting Omnichannel Customer Service Right, to help transform your call center into a profit center.

1. Be present in multiple channels. Customers want to engage brands in the channel most convenient to them, whether that’s the phone, email, text message, live chat, social media, or even an in-person visit to the store. Meeting your customers in the channels they prefer is half the battle. The rest is effectively monitoring each channel in real-time and providing consistent responses between channels. It’s all about choosing the right channels, rather than being present in every channel.

2. Respond quickly. No one likes to be ignored, especially when you’ve just spent money on a product or service. Customer service organizations must be able to provide rapid and contextualized service in every channel where support is offered, an effort that’s aided by the right software solution.

3. Connect information between service channels. The goal is for all of your customer service agents, no matter which channel they handle, to have a complete view of the customer, including purchase history. This will enable your agents to quickly and effectively provide the level of support needed without requiring customers to repeat information like their name, address, account number, and more as they move between channels of support.

To learn more, download your copy of A Retailer’s Guide to Getting Omnichannel Customer Service Right