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Live chat

Use AI-powered live chat software to deliver fast and personalized support at scale. Try an intuitive and budget-friendly solution today.

Move at the speed of your customers with an all-in-one live chat solution

Zuletzt aktualisiert: May 14, 2024

Intelligence infused into every interaction

Using a mobile device, an agent automatically shifts the tone of their message using Zendesk AI.
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Deliver smarter chat support with Zendesk AI.

Zendesk AI is built on billions of real customer service interactions, so it understands CX from day one—no manual training or technical resources required.

Intelligent routing ensures tickets always get to the right agent, while AI can offer guidance on how to approach interactions.

Agents can leverage pre-written responses or automatically expand, summarize, and shift the tone of their messages, accelerating resolution times. They can also easily search their knowledge base for information with generative search.

Build your new frontline with AI-powered bots

Powered by cutting-edge AI technologies, Zendesk AI agents are equipped to resolve a majority of customer requests autonomously, reducing the burden on your agents and improving customer satisfaction. AI agents support customers around the clock with natural human language and a tone that matches your brand, with no coding required. Connect your AI agents to internal or external systems with APIs to resolve even the most complex customer service queries with ease. Finally, optimize their performance with robust reporting.

A Zendesk AI agent answers a customer’s question.
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Unlock the power of AI agents.

All conversations in one place

A view of generative AI-powered responses using Zendesk.
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Personalize conversations with the Zendesk Agent Workspace.

Zendesk unifies your live chat conversations with your interactions across voice, email, Messenger, WhatsApp, and more, arming agents with context to personalize conversations. And, with AI-powered insights at their fingertips, agents will know what customers want and how they feel before the conversation starts.

Make better decisions with data

Zendesk provides real-time insights into customer service performance, allowing you to act immediately. Our reporting tools can help track how to optimize AI agents with trusted metrics to ensure they always perform at your standards. AI reporting tools can even identify and surface topics to automate based on your customer data.

What’s more, AI-powered quality assurance and workforce management tools can send you insights that show exactly how your team performs. From schedule adherence to resolution times, you can use data-driven findings to stop service problems before they start.

Insights from Zendesk highlight metrics like the percentage of automated resolutions.
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Gain data-driven insights with Zendesk reporting and analytics.

Make chat your own

An AI agent engages a customer via live chat.
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Learn how to customize conversations with our flexible platform.

Zendesk molds to fit your business needs, not the other way around. Our live chat solution is highly flexible and easily customizable. It can seamlessly adapt to any use case, including employee service.

You can create a live chat widget that matches your brand's look, feel, and voice. With proactive messaging, you can automatically initiate conversations with customers based on specified conditions that you define.

Join more than 160,000 companies that chose Zendesk

An image showcases three awards Zendesk has received, including an award for the #1 Customer Service Product at G2's 2023 Best Software Awards.

More than 160,000 companies across industries rely on Zendesk to improve their CX. Learn more from customers who have benefited from partnering with us.

Universal Store

Zendesk helped Universal Store achieve an average first reply time of one hour and an average resolution time of four hours.

“Previously, we were juggling between a live chat platform, a ticketing platform, and a phone platform … Our goal was to find a solution [that was] as close to omnichannel as possible. And Zendesk offered that. We adopted it as a single hub to meet our customers on their preferred channels and get a holistic view of each person and interaction.

—Adam McPherson, customer experience manager at Universal Store

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Motel Rocks

With Zendesk AI, Motel Rocks increased ticket deflection by 43 percent and self-service rate by 206 percent.

“We implemented Zendesk AI earlier this year, it’s ready straight out of the box, and everyone knew what they were doing. It’s really intuitive, we didn’t have to change any core processes, it is just another button that will help you and show you the information.”

—Lucy Hussey, customer service manager at Motel Rocks

Deliver AI-powered live chat support with Zendesk

It’s time to take your customer service to the next level. With Zendesk AI-powered live chat software, you can meet your customers where they are and provide personalized support. Zendesk is easy to use and scalable, can deploy quickly, and seamlessly integrates with your existing tools. Plus, it works out of the box without a team of developers, saving you time and money. Try Zendesk and boost your CX from day one.

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