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Start your day with coffee, breakfast, and a great customer support newsletter

By Blake Thorne

Last updated April 4, 2016

Finding quality customer support articles isn’t always easy. It’s not that there’s a lack of articles, rather that there’s too many, but only a fraction have high-quality information.

How do you find the good stuff? I’m a big fan of email newsletters. The best newsletter teams know you can unsubscribe at any time, so they work hard to curate relevant and interesting info. Instead of you sifting through the content landfill looking for a gem of an article, a good curated newsletter does the hard work for you—delivering only the best, most useful information right to your inbox.

Here are six of my favorites:

Support Driven

Support Driven comes from the folks behind the popular Slack community by the same name. Each weekly edition includes links to some of the more interesting conversations in the Slack chat that week, along with a roundup of the best articles on support that people are reading and talking about.

We Support
The team at We Support puts together the weekly We Support newsletter. Each issue includes a collection of links to great content for the support community, as well as upcoming events and the latest job postings. A lot of the newsletter is geared toward the NYC support community. But it’s a great resource no matter where you are.
The newsletter comes from the team at The weekly newsletter is designed for “anyone who puts people at the center of their work,” which could include anything from support to building online communities. Each issue is centered around a different theme and includes a short, medium and long read on that theme.

Mercer’s Weekly Reads
Mercer Smith-Looper spends her days doing support for Trello and by night curates Mercer’s Weekly Reads. The newsletter includes links to great articles on support, as well as leadership, product and marketing. She also includes a “feel good” section with a few articles on self-reflection and happiness.

Swipe File
Though it’s not tailored specifically for support teams, Jimmy Daly’s Swipe File newsletter is one of our favorites. The daily newsletter includes a breakdown of one great article that will get your day started off on the right foot. Jimmy includes a reading time estimate on the link button for each article, so you know what kind of time commitment you’re getting into before clicking.

For customer service leaders, there is no better place to learn about how to navigate the nuanced and complicated world of customer-business relationships than Relate. Plus, the writing is pretty funny.

At, we like newsletters so much that we’ve even starting our own curated newsletter on customer support, StatusPage Support Weekly. To put it together, we did a lot of homework finding the best support-focused newsletters out there. Also, if you liked this post sign up for the Zendesk newsletter for more stories on how to improve your customer service processes.

Your inbox is important, it deserves a regular dose of good stuff. Keep it happy with a regular infusion of customer support knowledge.

Blake Thorne is Head of Content at, where he writes about support, downtime and startups. Find him on Twitter: @blakethorne