Are customer surveys effective?

What are customer surveys?

Customer surveys are a method of getting consumer feedback to help companies measure satisfaction, perform market research, and gauge expectations. 96% of consumers don't bother to complain making consumer surveys an excellent way for organizations to better understand their customers' problems. Instead of relying on their own perceptions, it gives a concrete sense of how the company is actually performing. So it's no wonder that, with the advent of customer survey companies and social media, many businesses are increasingly reaching out to their customers to find out what they're doing well, and what needs to be improved. It's an honest approach to getting better, and not taking advantage might be a wasted opportunity.

How effective are customer surveys?

However, because it's easier than ever to conduct customer surveys, it seems that many companies are overdoing customer surveys. So much so, that it has the potential to annoy the very people companies are trying to please. As our latest infographic illustrates, many are starting to show signs of customer feedback fatigue. Respondents to a recent survey (there must be a good joke in there somewhere) claimed that customer surveys are too long, too personal, and inconvenient. Plus companies are asking customers to fill them out more than ever.

At Zendesk, we're big fans of customer surveys because they helps us improve. For our customers, we offer the Zendesk Benchmark, which helps them see how they stack up against industry peers or even similar sized companies. Rather than ask customers a series of tiresome questions or asking to rank various components of Zendesk on a scale of 1 — 10, when a ticket is closed, we simply ask if the solution was helpful. There are plenty of other metrics that go into the benchmark, but the customer is only asked to respond to a yes or no question.

Are customer surveys effective?