White Paper

Cookbook for the Customer-Centric Company

Published December 9, 2013
Last modified December 9, 2013

We often hear about the importance of customer service and all the factors that contribute to a good customer experience, like speed of resolution or a pleasant support agent. No matter what strategy you take to improve the customer experience, there's one common denominator for all the underlying tactics: know your customers and tailor the experience to them.

To help you create a more customer-centric experience, we've pulled together a few best practice 'recipes' — full of ingredients and step-by-by instructions on how you can build tailored workflows around customer data in your Zendesk.

The Zendesk Cookbook for the Customer-Centric Company will help you with the following techniques:

1. Collect customer insights and act on them
Featured ingredient: Custom user and organization fields

2. Create meaningful views of your customers
Featured ingredient: Customer lists

3. Gather customer info for every support request
Featured ingredient: Ticket forms

Like with any recipe, adjust to your own taste!