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7 sales pitch examples proven to win customers

From Mark Cuban's phone pitch to G2's elevator pitch, these sales pitch examples and takeaways are designed to help you create your own.

13 tips for a perfect sales presentation Article

13 tips for a perfect sales presentation

Solid sales presentations are essential for pitching products and services. Here are 13 tips to arrive…


Guide to email marketing

Do you know what email marketing really is? Check out our guide to learn more about email marketing, best practices, and important metrics.


How to build an email marketing strategy (+ template).

Email is a necessary tool to attract, convert, and retain customers. Create your own email marketing strategy with our free Google Sheets template.


Guide to sales emails, based on examples that worked

From writing subject lines to analyzing results such as open rates, discover best practices and valuable examples to use for your own sales emails.


How effective are your prospecting emails? Take this quiz to find out.

Take our quiz to test your prospecting email smarts. Also discover actionable advice on how to make your prospecting emails more effective.

Sales productivity: How to measure it. Article

Sales productivity: How to measure it.

Learn valuable productivity insights from sales experts, as well as productivity measures to use to improve…


5 sales email examples proven to engage customers

Learn how to create a sales email that captures the reader’s attention and has a good chance of leading to a sale with these sales email examples and tips.


11 sales follow up emails that work (+ follow up email template)

The right message at the right time can make the sale. Learn how to create an effective sales follow up email: follow up on intros, calls, quotes, and more!


We signed up for 12 products: Here’s what we learned about sales email subject lines

Sales email subject lines are important to get right -- learn from a variety of product sales emails and what tactics were used for subject lines.


12 sales email templates for every stage of the sales pipeline

From prospecting to closing, we offer a sales email template that you as a sales rep can use for every stage of the sales pipeline.

The ultimate guide to agile sales management Article

The ultimate guide to agile sales management

Discover agile sales development principles that can be applied to empower reps, improve team performance and…

Uncovering the hidden costs of CRMs Article

Uncovering the hidden costs of CRMs

You’ve done it – you’ve searched through the thousands of sales solutions on the market today…


4 ways to use your CRM to power your sales and marketing feedback loop

Trying to align your sales and marketing teams? Discover four ways to use your CRM to propel an effective feedback loop between departments.


5 ways to increase sales productivity

Do you know how productive your sales team actually is? Take our quiz and discover ways to improve your sales productivity process!


Introduction to sales forecasting in 2019

Accurate sales forecasting is essential to future growth and revenue. Check out our five sales forecasting strategies and how you can use each one.


Content marketing for sales: 6 ideas to address the bottom of the funnel

Improve bottom of the funnel sales content with these 6 content ideas including case studies, videos, and webinars!


23 sales books every sales rep should read

Check out our picks of 23 sales books that provide valuable information to help you become a better salesperson. Books are helpfully organized by the sales pipeline.


How Successful Sales Reps Start Their Day

Success: everyone wants it, but not everyone gets it. What distinguishes successful people from everyone else? Maybe they’re better, richer, or braver. Or maybe they know something others don’t. I talked to some successful sales reps and learned a very important lesson. How your day ends up depends on how it started out. Here are some tips on starting a successful day that sales teams can start using right now.


Ethical Selling: When Does Persuasion Turn into Manipulation?

For the archetypical salesperson, any tactic that leads to a sale is the right one, as long as it’s not outright fraud. But with the growing overlap of the ethical and the economic perspective in today’s transactions, this approach is becoming outdated.