Was ist Bugtracking-Software?

Issue tracking software compiles all of an organization’s customer tickets for easy maintenance and management. Cloud-based offerings make it simple for service agents to access the system and process service tickets from anywhere. Successfully manage, organize, analyze, and respond to numerous support tickets to foster better customer relationships and create better status reports with issue tracking software. Customer issues don’t always come from the same place. Zendesk makes it simple to track every customer issue from all of your channels. Many companies, including Uber and Airbnb, use Zendesk Support as their issue tracking software.

How does Zendesk help track issues?

Zendesk is a ticketing system that acts as a shared inbox for every customer inquiry. No matter what channel customers use to contact your business—email, chat, phone, social, and more—your support agents always have an omnichannel view of the customer making ticket management much easier.

Give customers and agents context with the best issue tracking software

Both service representatives and customers get a real-time view of how a support ticket is advanced and resolved using Zendesk’s issue tracking software. Users see when activity occurs and the name of the agent that’s resolving it. Service representatives see when the ticket is being accessed and by who, along with the ticket’s service history. Updates in the issue tracker appear as they’re actually happening, so customers and agents can immediately see the development towards a ticket’s resolution.

See what's trending

Analytics and in-depth reporting provides your business insight into your customer service operations. With Zendesk customer service analytics and reporting you can see where there are opportunities for improvement with built-in reports that help you view and analyze data about your customers, and your support resources. You can even create custom reports that are tailored to your unique needs.

For example, monitor how well you're meeting SLA targets by reviewing how many tickets have breached SLA targets within the past week. Or check average requester wait time for tickets outside of your business hours, to see if you need staffing during the weekends. You can share these dashboards with select groups or users to keep everyone aligned to provide the best experiences for your customers.

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Zendesk Support's iPad app allows Wharton Computing's team to answer tickets on the go

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Integrate for a better view

Bugtracking-Software lässt sich in zahlreiche Anwendungen und Systeme integrieren, damit Supportteams mehr Möglichkeiten haben, ihre Benutzer zu unterstützen. Geben Sie Ihren Kunden Gelegenheit, ihre Probleme auch in anderen Kanälen einzureichen, wie z. B. E-Commerce-Sites oder Projektmanagement-Software. Erstellen Sie detaillierte Berichte und verfolgen Sie, wie sich Ihr Team entwickelt, indem Sie die Bugtracking-Software mit Analyse- und Produktivitäts-Apps integrieren.