SLA monitoring

So much time. So little to do. #??

Or did we get that backward? Without SLA monitoring it's hard to ensure customer service and help desk performance – leaving your team to ask, "Which tickets do we do next?" Monitoring SLA metrics with an SLA dashboard should display time segmented, aggregated lists of tickets, in countdown time order, with the ability to dynamically filter the tickets to make informed operational decisions on.

The inside scoop

Zendesk Support offers a RESTful API to query for SLA summary. To support ticket volume scaling, the display will adjust using all available vertical and horizontal screen space and break the lists such that you're always able to see the top and bottom of the lists. Our proactive Service Level Agreements (SLA) Dashboard displays three configurable ordered lists:

  • The center list is used to focus on the very next set of tickets with due SLA metrics
  • The right-hand list used for tickets with SLA metrics overdue
  • Left-hand column for SLA metrics due on the horizon

Did you know?

Dynamic filtering adds unparalleled flexibility and insight. Based on the working ticket's data set, the filters are reverse generated, complete with counts, to indicate the shape and distribution of the tickets.

As such, it is possible to zoom in to explore pattern set's of tickets to get a sense of the workload in relation to SLA commitments and to make operational decisions on which ticket to do next based on narrow factors, such as, informal relative importance.