Artificial Intelligence App

Artificial intelligence app

To truly create the best artificial intelligence app, you need to understand who your user is. You can have a bunch of code that seems like it is cutting edge, but does it provide real value to your customer? The goal should be to create an emotional connection that is built upon a personal touch.

Answer Bot through Zendesk Guide is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that provides the personal touch needed to establish an emotional connection.

Moving forward

By using Answer Bot, you can provide answers faster than humanly possible. Answer Bot responds to customer's questions with relevant knowledge base articles from Zendesk Guide, thereby increases self-service efficiency.

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An artificial intelligence app with Zendesk support works by:
  • Taking in a customer question - A customer sends an email and Answer Bot steps in to help by scanning the text of the email to understand what the request is about
  • Answers are suggested - Answer Bot uses its powerful AI to find the most relevant articles and suggests them in a reply to the customer while they wait for a response from a human agent
  • A ticket is solved - The customer reviews and can mark their question as answered
  • Route back to a human agent if no answer found - Feedback is automatically collected to improve future suggestions

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Artificial intelligence apps will continue to evolve. Add an artificial intelligence app with Zendesk support to your customer service today with a free day trial of Answer Bot via Zendesk Guide.

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