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20 reasons to visit the Zendesk Apps Marketplace

Zuletzt aktualisiert: July 6, 2020

This May we added no less than 20 new apps and integrations to the Zendesk Apps Marketplace, including three additions to Zendesk Labs, a collection of experimental tools put together by the Zendesk development community. From doing more with your data, to better closing the gap between sales and support, to integrating artificial intelligence, here are the 20 latest and greatest ways to extend your Zendesk.

Tasks allows you to create task lists and track your steps on any ticket through a clean and simple sidebar interface. You can also create sub-task tickets for complicated tasks that require separate conversations in a different ticket, or create templates for those repetitive tasks that everyone on your team needs to complete.

Due Time
Due time allows you to set up due times on your Zendesk tickets and build workflows around when the ticket is due. There are options to send yourself an email, your whole team an email, or to use Zendesk targets to send notifications through platforms like Yammer, Slack, JIRA, or to send SMS messages. By escalating the priority or assigning the ticket to a different group, you can also alter the workflow of the ticket.

Printfection Giveaway Links
Printfection helps companies with the purchasing, management, and fulfillment of their branded swag. When you use Printfection and Zendesk together, you can send customers or users swag from within any Zendesk ticket. This integration makes it easy to generate gift URLs redeemable for swag. (And, let’s face it, nothing ups your service’s “wow factor” like a free gift.)

Chat is an effective way to resolve issues, whether or not the customer happens to be on your website. With SyncUp, you can enable your customers to chat with you directly from their email inbox, on any device. Agents working through existing Zendesk tickets can initiate chat with a customer, closing issues faster and with higher satisfaction than through lengthy email exchanges.

Close.io is a streamlined sales platform that helps close more deals. With built-in calling and automatic email tracking, sales teams can focus on selling instead of data entry. Now, with this Zendesk integration, you can display lead info on tickets and allow agents to manage Close.io records from the ticket. Even better, when customers create a new ticket, agents don’t have to switch between the two systems to see what information is on file.

Device42 helps companies centralize data center management, making IT assets more visible, understandable, and controllable. With this integration, you can connect Zendesk to Device42’s automated data center asset management and CMDB to associate real-time auto-discovered IT assets (or Configuration Items) including devices, parts, PDUs and racks from Device42 with Zendesk tickets. Once associated with a ticket, additional information displays, such as part serial number, device type, service level, and more. A link allows you to click through the ticket to browse directly to the CI in Device42.

Leadscore CRM
Leadscore CRM is an all-in-one CRM, communication and analytics tool for inside sales teams. Growth-oriented businesses can jumpstart their sales outreach through smarter email and phone communication. The Leadscore for Zendesk app allows agents to view rich profile information from Leadscore alongside Zendesk tickets so that your customer support team has the information they need to provide the best support experience.

MaestroQA Logger
Maestro offers an easy way to manage the quality of your customer service team. You can integrate MaestroQA with your support desk tools and third-party app tracking tools to aggregate information and generate custom reporting and analytics. This makes it easy to provide feedback to team members. You can build customizable Quality Scorecards in minutes and grade your scorecard in the same tool as the customer interaction.

Chloe is an Artificial Intelligence application that automates customer service. She understands the context of client questions and responds accordingly to reduce ticket volume and increase employee productivity. Chloe can provide you with what she deems an appropriate response for a ticket based on prior ticket history, and you can choose whether or not you want to use her answer. The best part is that Chloe automatically learns and evolves from each new interaction and improves with time so her accuracy in responses will only get better.

Keatext is a cloud-based customer feedback analytics and reporting app that saves you time by automatically analyzing large volumes of support tickets in your Zendesk environment. With Keatext you’ll be able to quickly identify and resolve key customer issues, prioritize feature requests, and discover trends related to your products and services. Keatext uses natural language processing and machine learning technology to analyze unstructured customer feedback such as case descriptions, customer comments, emails, chat logs, and more to provide you with useful and insightful information about your support requests.

MyFeelBack helps companies collect customer feedback via ultra-targeted Smart Surveys. Ask the right questions to the right people at the right time, and make data-driven decisions that will improve your business. This integration with Zendesk will allow you to feed survey feedback into Zendesk as tickets or to populate any of your custom ticket, user, or organization fields.

PieSync syncs your contacts between your favorite cloud apps, two-way and in real time. Your connection can be up and running in 3 minutes, and then you can just set it and forget it. With PieSync, you can choose to sync all your contacts or just a segment of them based on CRM tags, Google groups, or marketing lists. Use PieSync to connect Zendesk with tools like BigContacts, Highrise, Hubspot, Campaign Monitor, Pipedrive, and more to keep all your users in sync.

Treasure Data
Treasure Data is a big data platform which enables organizations to collect, store, and analyze data at scale. They’ve got 300+ integrations, including Zendesk, and can connect data and teams with a full suite of tools that automate data collection and processing. You can use this integration to organize and mash up support team data with the rest of your organizational data.

Igloo is a modern intranet, connecting people with the information they need to do their best work, improving communication and knowledge-sharing between teams. With this integration, you can see Zendesk ticket information in community streams, and you can allow Igloo users to easily submit support requests to Zendesk and to access submitted tickets from within Igloo.

Slemma helps small businesses to be data-driven without hiring a team of analysts. This integration makes it possible to see your key support metrics joined with other business data on an automatically refreshed dashboard. Keep a close eye on how your support team is performing and make informed decisions to improve your customer happiness strategy.

Diduenjoy offers a fast and easy way to gather actionable feedback from customers. By sending simple, beautifully-branded surveys, you can maximize client feedback, create closer links with customers, and increase loyalty. You can automatically have Zendesk tickets created to capture the score and comments from Diduenjoy so that you can follow up with the appropriate action for the best customer experience.

ClickDroid is an all-in-one Business Dashboard app that helps you easily monitor all your business data from one place. You can monitor individual departments, projects, multiple websites, and anything else, using dashboards. You can also pull data from popular services like Zendesk, Salesforce, Google Analytics, MailChimp, Facebook, and WordPress and share the data in more than one location, and in real-time, with key business stakeholders.

Plus, new in Zendesk Labs:
Zendesk Labs is a testing ground for some cool experimental tools put together by the Zendesk development community. While they are subject to change and have various levels of support, they do provide some pretty cool features that may someday make it into the marketplace as official apps. Make sure you read over the disclaimer when installing the app!

  • SLA Event Tracker – A handy app that shows more information about SLA breaches on your tickets.
  • Support SDK Metadata – An app that allows you to see additional device information relating to a ticket if it was created via the Support SDK.
  • Bulk Delete Organisations – A simple app that allows for admins of your Zendesk account to delete many organisations at once, up to 50 a page at a time.

Visit the apps marketplace to browse all our integrations

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