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Reimagining security and productivity with Zendesk and AWS AppFabric

Most businesses rely on a host of SaaS applications to keep their operations running—but those services often fail to work together smoothly. AWS AppFabric and Zendesk aim to fix that problem.

Von Pablo Kenney, Vice President, Product at Zendesk

Zuletzt aktualisiert: July 18, 2023

Many businesses rely on Zendesk to manage their customer conversations and create satisfying service experiences. Unfortunately, those experiences can get quite complicated the moment you leave the Zendesk application.

That’s because businesses rely on numerous SaaS applications to keep operations running smoothly, and those applications don’t always play well together despite most being built on a common cloud service, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Pulling data from multiple SaaS applications can be a tedious, time-consuming experience. Because many of those programs aren’t built on the same foundation, the result is a lack of coherence and consistency across reports. Meanwhile, with data protection being a major concern, IT administrators need to balance the need for more efficient reporting with security.

AWS AppFabric enables businesses to manage data across apps and access audit logs in a standardized, common language.

That’s where AWS AppFabric comes in. It enables businesses to manage data across apps and access audit logs in a standardized, common language. Zendesk, which is built on AWS and serves as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, is integrated with AWS AppFabric.

Together, this relationship reinforces Zendesk’s commitment to enabling businesses to create better customer experiences while leveraging the unified foundation of AWS, the backbone of accessible and secure services.

Zendesk and AWS AppFabric

AppFabric facilitates easy querying of information across apps. Administrators can effortlessly pull in data from different apps and manage user permissions. And with pre-built connections to tools like Zendesk, integration is seamless.

  • Keep all of your SaaS applications connected

    AppFabric quickly connects purpose-built SaaS applications, providing a seamless integration option and facilitating communication between apps while prioritizing the user experience.
  • Maintain top-of-the-line security

    Application data is automatically normalized into a standard schema, enabling administrators to set common policies and standardize security alerts in their preferred tool, while also managing user access across multiple applications.
  • Enhance productivity

    Because AppFabric quickly connects SasS applications, employees can get answers quickly, automate repetitive tasks, and generate insights across SaaS applications, including Zendesk.

AWS AppFabric and Zendesk’s collaboration

Find out more about how you can enhance security and productivity with AWS AppFabric.

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