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Tap into the knowledge in your organization

Your customer service team is the backbone of your organization. They know your products or services inside out. Why wouldn't you tap into that knowledge? Zendesk Guide makes it easy.

Hinter den Kulissen

Tapping into institutional knowledge and putting it to work is simple with Guide. Managers simply add to or edit articles in the knowledge bases. And while this knowledge base software is not wiki-style (end-users cannot contribute to content), agents who are not Guide managers can edit drafts in sections where they've been granted permission. As Guide works natively with Zendesk Support, it makes improving agent efficiency and providing better self-service for customers a reality.

Vorteile nutzen

Guide makes it possible for users to:
  • Create articles including media like video and photos
  • Get an overview of your content with article lists that can be refined with search, filters, and article labels
  • Control who views your knowledge base - require registration, set to public viewing, or allow only agents to view specific content
  • Localize content in more than 40 languages so that customers are served in their native language

Nächste Schritte

Don't keep your information to yourself. Employ a smart knowledge base software and see the difference it makes in your business. Sign up for your free trial of Guide today.

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