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Community Tip: Set up Zendesk ticket threshold notifications for email and Slack

Von Kristine Colosimo

Zuletzt aktualisiert: January 24, 2022

Notifications are incredibly helpful and can offer instant business insight, but everyone knows they quickly become bothersome if you’re getting too many at a time. The answer to this conundrum is simple: create notifications based on a threshold you set.

Whether you’re a manager who wants to receive an email when the volume of new tickets hits 10 or you just want to have a Slack channel to track customer activity by posting every third ticket, threshold notifications simplify your job and keep you on-task.

You can create and customize useful notifications for email or your own Slack channel (or both!), with the integration tool Workato. There’s no coding involved—just connect your Zendesk account and enter the threshold you want in the data entry field.

Learn how to set up your threshold notifications for Slack and email with this step-by-step guide in the Zendesk community.

A high threshold will immediately alert you to a problem like if the server goes down or a key feature isn’t functioning. A lower threshold allows a manager to easily track customer activity without receiving individual notifications. And a threshold set around the daily number of tickets you receive on average will keep the company informed of progress in a digestible way.

These smart notifications from Zendesk will lower customer churn and the customization of these recipes ensures that your use case can be met with ease.

Kristine Colosimo is an integration evangelist and writer for Workato. Workato began when a group of early integration experts came together to create a no-code integration service with vast enterprise capabilities at a low price for all users.

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