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Zendesk vs. Gorgias

E-commerce companies need support software built for growth. That's why many choose Zendesk vs. Gorgias. See for yourself.

Zendesk vs. Gorgias: A comprehensive guide

Zuletzt aktualisiert: January 22, 2024

Customer service has never been more important, especially for e-commerce companies. That's why 70 percent of business leaders from retail companies expect their agents to expand their roles and responsibilities over the next year, according to the Zendesk CX Trends Report 2023.

Wondering if Zendesk or Gorgias is the better solution for your team? Learn from Pair Eyewear’s experience. The eyewear company relied on Gorgias help desk software during its early startup phase, but the rapidly growing company needed a more sophisticated solution with stronger reporting, automation, and community support. It explored other customer experience (CX) solutions, but none of them had the in-depth reporting, automated features, and support that Zendesk offers.

When choosing between Gorgias and Zendesk it's important to consider a few key things: scalability, the level of CX expertise and operational insights you desire, and the quality of support you'll get. Take a deeper look below.

3 ways Zendesk outperforms Gorgias


Zendesk delivers the tools businesses need now and the solutions they’ll need in the future, so they can scale faster. However, Gorgias struggles to support growing operations, which pushes businesses to migrate to a different platform for robust features, like up-to-date and accurate reports.

CX expertise and deep operational insights

Zendesk can use the CX insights from the many markets we serve to guide e-commerce businesses and provide best practices to help them stay ahead of the curve. Gorgias is serviceable for e-commerce use cases, but this narrow view can hinder a business’s growth.

Quality support

The Zendesk team doesn’t disappear after you’ve made your purchase. From a strategic implementation to always-on service, we make sure you get the best value out of Zendesk. On the other hand, Gorgias provides low touch onboarding support to customers outside of Advanced and Enterprise plans and restricts communication to emails and live chat.

More in this guide:

At-a-glance comparison: Zendesk vs. Gorgias

Take a look at these specs to compare the Zendesk and Gorgias customer service software. All findings are the result of in-depth research and customer feedback.

What you need to deliver the best CX
Critical capabilities

Omnichannel support






Social media


Knowledge base

Community forum


Article recommendations


Routing and workflows

Skills-based routing


Custom workflows

Agent workspace and conversation management


Ticket tags

Ticket tags

Custom fields


SLA management


Side conversations


Analytics and reporting

Custom reports


Real-time data


Highly rated integrations


Robust catalog


Chatbots and AI





Social messaging and live chat

Social channels

Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter)

Facebook and Instagram

Chat widget

E-commerce support

Designated success

E-commerce store integrations

Advanced customization

Custom metrics


Custom ticket views

Help center branding

Workforce management

User permissions

Ticket forecasting


Zendesk vs. Gorgias: Features comparison

A business’s customer service software is the backbone of its customer service strategy and builds the foundation—and a potentially limiting ceiling—for its success. Take a look at how Zendesk and Gorgias measure up to this challenge.

Pricing plans: Gorgias vs. Zendesk

  • Support Team: $19 per agent/month
  • Support Professional: $55 per agent/month
  • Support Enterprise: $115 per agent/month
  • Suite Team: $55 per agent/month
  • Suite Growth: $89 per agent/month
  • Suite Professional: $115 per agent/month
  • Suite Enterprise: Contact sales for pricing

*All plans are billed annually.

  • Starter: $10 per month
  • Basic: $50 per month
  • Pro: $300 per month
  • Advanced: $750 per month
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for pricing

*All plans except for Gorgias Starter are billed annually.

Zendesk and Gorgias take different approaches to pricing. Zendesk charges its users based on the number of agents using the software. That means agents can potentially serve an unlimited number of customers, without hidden fees or looming extra charges.

Gorgias charges its users according to the number of tickets they use. If your customer service team exceeds the ticket cap, you’ll pay extra. So, as your business grows, you’ll be penalized with increased costs due to the higher activity.

Customer stories on using Zendesk vs. Gorgias

Person lowering their glasses

Discover why companies choose Zendesk over Gorgias—and other competitors—and how that decision has helped their success.

Expand support

Pair Eyewear is a subscription eyewear company that offers customers the ability to build a personalized collection of glasses. The company previously used Gorgias for its customer support software, but switched to Zendesk in 2020. Gorgias worked for Pair Eyewear when it was a startup, but the software couldn’t keep up as the eyewear company grew. Pair Eyewear needed more than just e-commerce support software—it needed a complete solution.

Since moving to Zendesk, Pair Eyewear has incorporated automation into its processes that has improved the speed with which it serves customers. Bots help deflect 76 percent of its chat volume and 20 percent of inbound calls. This has led to improved customer satisfaction with a 21 percent increase in its Net Promoter ScoreⓇ, while maintaining a 96 percent customer satisfaction (CSAT) score.

“We explored other CX solutions, but none of them had the in-depth reporting and insights, automated features, and community support that Zendesk offers.”

–Ben Segal, Senior Director of Customer Experience at Pair Eyewear

Raddish Kids: Connect teams and customers

Raddish Kids is a cooking club for children that delivers monthly meal kits to subscribers. While the pandemic drove the Raddish Kids team to work remotely, it also increased business since more families were looking for at-home activities. The company needed a way to manage the large numbers of Shopify orders and help its customer service team keep track of support tickets.

Zendesk was able to integrate all of Raddish Kids' platforms and make it easy to share information. With a unified view of customer details, agents can quickly figure out what orders are associated with the customer who is reaching out. And with everything integrated, 85 percent of tickets are resolved in a single touch.

“It really helps to get your foot in the door early when your company is small and then grow alongside each other. I don’t think we could ever outgrow Zendesk, as there are so many options and integrations.”

–Jennifer Buchanan, Customer Service and Retention Manager at Raddish Kids

Chupi: Understand data

Chupi is an heirloom jewelry company with a devoted following—both in person at its flagship Dublin, Ireland store and online. The company was growing, but it was still relying on a basic ticketing system that lacked advanced features like robust reporting and analytics.

After partnering with Zendesk, Chupi noticed a significant improvement in its service level. This is partly due to the software’s easy-to-use interface, Shopify and social media integrations, and robust reporting capabilities. Now, Chupi resolves 69 percent of all tickets in one touch and has a 98 percent CSAT score.

“One of the key things we needed was to be able to look at numbers, scale, past trends, and forecasts. We migrated all of our tickets from the old platform into Zendesk, so we had the historical data. Zendesk analyzed that data and gave us a better understanding of how we got to where we are and where we are going.”

–Brian Durney, Chief Technology Officer at Chupi

Honeylove: Broaden engagement

Honeylove is a fashion brand that sells high-quality shapewear directly to consumers. The company was steadily growing over its initial four years and knew it needed to level up its customer service if it was going to continue satisfying customers. Honeylove found the omnichannel solutions it was looking for in Zendesk.

Honeylove is now engaging with customers across phones, SMS, social media, and more. The data from those interactions is stored and used to improve its products and processes. Honeylove credits its reduced contact rate and handle times as the prime drivers behind its SMS and email support CSAT scores, both of which exceed 90 percent.

“Whether we have 30 agents or 3,000 agents, Zendesk will have the right solution for us. Zendesk is a great partner that continues to share best practices with us, so we can identify current trends, understand what’s coming down the pipeline, and plan for the future.”

–Trevor Humphrey, VP of Customer Experience at Honeylove

Drizly: Increase efficiency

Drizly is an alcohol delivery company that lets customers order wine, beer, and spirits from local retailers that are then delivered to customers’ doors. Drizly’s popularity was growing so fast that its team had a hard time keeping up with all of the orders. Its support team had only one shared email inbox, used personal phones to interact with customers, and tracked orders on spreadsheets.

Partnering with Zendesk revolutionized how Drizly conducted business. Its team used automation and workflow customization to streamline its processes and increase agent productivity by more than 200 percent. Analytics reports track KPIs and maintain a culture focused on continuous improvement.

“Our fully trained team went from solving eight tickets per hour to an average of 16 tickets per hour. That's because we're tracking every single metric possible, allowing us to continuously improve our results.”

–Brian White, director of customer experience at Drizly

Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score, and NPS are trademarks of NICE Satmetrix, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.

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