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The top 5 Sparkly apps every Zendesk user needs

From streamlining tasks to delivering real-time insights, these apps empower customer support teams to work smarter and shine brighter.

Von Jenna Ochoa, Staff Writer

Zuletzt aktualisiert: June 26, 2024

As you explore the Zendesk Marketplace, you will likely find many apps developed by the Sparkly team. Sparkly designs apps exclusively for the Zendesk platform, ensuring each app follows the privacy-by-design approach. These apps are easily identifiable by their distinctive orange color.

The Sparkly team has built 16 apps for Zendesk users, addressing various use cases. Five of them are among the top-installed apps globally on the Zendesk Marketplace:

In this post, we’ll dive into these popular apps and how they bring value to Zendesk customers.

1. Tables

The Tables app allows users to integrate tables into tickets with straightforward functionality:

  • Add a table with rows and columns to a ticket.

  • Present detailed information to your customer in an organized way.

  • Avoid the hassle of copying and pasting tables, which often leads to formatting issues.

After you install Tables, you will find a table icon in your ticket text editor. Similar to Excel, Word, or Google Sheets, you can hover over the number of rows and columns you want to insert. You can also insert or delete rows and columns, just like with other table operations you are familiar with.


2. Exporter

The Exporter app on the Zendesk Marketplace lets you “export everything, any way you want!” For Zendesk users who don’t want to rely on internal data teams for exporting tasks, this app is a valuable tool for obtaining and customizing your data to your liking.

With Exporter, users can:

  • Export tickets

  • Export comments

  • Export users

  • Export organizations

  • Export attachments

  • Select over 100 fields and add custom fields

  • Choose several pre-defined export formats, such as CSV, XML, and JSON

  • Compose custom export formats

  • Save and load export configurations for quick re-use

There are both free and paid plans for this app.


3. Ticket Analytics

Ticket Analytics gives agents real-time insights into a ticket, helping them view key information at a glance:

  • The relative date when a ticket was created

  • The relative date when a ticket was last updated

  • The number of comments on a ticket

Ticket Analytics

It’s a simple solution, but it provides the power of a “snapshot” for agents working on open tickets by quickly surfacing important information.

4. Download All Attachments

Gone are the days of painstakingly downloading each attachment file one by one. The Download All Attachments app by Sparkly enables you to get the assets you need in a single step.

After installing this app, agents can:

  • Download all inline attachments

  • Download non-inline attachments by default

  • Choose to download files individually or as a ZIP archive

Download All Attachments

The best part about this app is that it is free.

5. Shredder

Last but not least, let’s look at Shredder—this app makes it easy to manage your suspended tickets. A common daily task for a team leader is to review the list of suspended tickets and either recover or delete them. Teams want to ensure specific tickets are recovered quickly so customers receive the prompt responses they deserve.

With the Shredder app, you can set up rules to automate 90 percent of recovery and deletion actions. This includes tickets received from a Zendesk support email address. The app ensures tickets are recovered and sent to the appropriate inboxes for your agents. In the paid version, this process runs in the background every 5 to 15 minutes.

Using Shredder can save team leaders 30 minutes each day, allowing them to focus on other tasks.


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