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Caught on video: The Zendesk rebrand

Last updated July 14, 2022

Companies are not people. They don’t feel things or have pets or fall in love. But they do have personalities. They look and speak a certain way so that the people who interact with them have something to relate to besides the products they sell. That’s what a brand is.

And just like people, brands change. Companies evolve and adapt to the world around them. They get bigger and mature. They reinvent themselves and go looking for something fresh.

That’s what Zendesk did. When we first started, our goal was pretty simple: Bring a sense of calm to the chaotic and stressful world of customer service. We like to think we’ve done a pretty good job of that. But we also think we can do more.

Zendesk has grown—a lot. We have more people, more products, and a bigger role in how companies interact with their customers. We’ve worked our way to the next level, so we need to change our style up a little bit.

The new version of Zendesk has more colors, individual product identities, and a super sweet logomark. We’ve also expanded the conversations we have to focus more on human relationships, not just software. Lastly, we have retired the lotus flower and the Mentor, who is now living out his days, fat and happy, in an old mascot retirement home.

Of course, we don’t have it all figured out yet. We know we have a long road ahead of us, but we also know we’re heading in the right direction. To see how it all happened, check out the mini-documentary below. And let us know if you see the ‘Z’—or if it just looks like clown shoes.