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New apps to be thankful for

Von Eric Shen, Technical account manager

Zuletzt aktualisiert: September 21, 2021

We’re closing out November with some great new apps.

NICE inContact (Support)

NICE inContact CXone Agentfor Zendesk consolidates your customer context and contact center controls into a single interface, for more efficient agents and exceptional experiences. With quick and easy access to the tools and information they need, agents can handle more interactions in less time—and deliver more personalized service. Use your Zendesk CRM data to identify customers and connect them to the ideal agent, improving first-call resolution, average handle time, and customer and agent satisfaction. Improve contact handle time by automatically delivering a holistic view of the customer’s history directly to your agent’s desktop so they can quickly determine the next best action. Streamline call handling with an integrated softphone and click-to-dial capabilities. Reduce after-call work by automatically updating your Zendesk system with contact center interaction data.

monday.com (Support)

monday.com is a team management platform designed to connect people to processes while creating an environment of transparency in business. Using this integration, you can automatically transform Zendesk tickets into engineering tasks, keep track of progress from one place, notify team members of changes or delays, and update your users directly from monday.com. Sync your customer facing communication in one place. Send relevant accounts to the sales team and create tickets for the support team directly from within monday.com to make sure your users and prospects are getting the best service and experience

SessionStack (Support)
SessionStack lets you watch a pixel-perfect playback of a customer session within your product. You can view everything that happened to the customer prior to submitting the ticket. This way you get all the context you need to assist your customers right away, without requesting screenshots. Access all “under-the-hood” information including tech details around network, errors, warnings, and debug messages. Get all the information in one place. Find a list of recorded customer sessions within the customer ticket.

SQL Connector (Support)
SQL Connector loads customer data from your SQL database and displays it in the sidebar next to the ticket. It loads fresh data whenever an agent opens a ticket in Zendesk. By default, SQL Connector searches by email address or phone number. If you store an ID in a custom field in Zendesk, you can also use the custom field to look up customer data. If the customer ID or order number are buried somewhere inside the ticket text, SQL Connector can extract these numbers from the ticket and use them to get the customer information.

CRM and Deals (Support)
CRM and Deals is designed specifically to work with Zendesk Support and enables you to build and manage sales pipelines. ​Enhance efficiency, process, and visibility of the sales support process.​ Easily capture sales opportunities that happen during a support conversation. Click the Create deal button in the Apps tab on the right side of the ticket view. The app will auto-fill the prospect’s name and company.​ All that’s left to you is to fill out the rest of the form.​

Additional apps added in November:

TypeGenie (Support) helps agents be more productive and accurate by suggesting sentence completions and macro predictions as you type a response so agents no longer have to type out repetitive sentences.

PAQATO (Support) is one of the leading systems for post-purchase communication and shipping analysis. PAQATO analyzes and tracks parcels on their way and automatically creates tickets in Zendesk so you can be informed about the most relevant events and disruptions on the shipping route.

Google Business Messaging (Support) allows you to engage users interacting with your business on Google Maps. When users message your business on Google Maps, new tickets are created in Zendesk Support. Your agents can easily respond to users from the Zendesk Support console.

Prodsight – Automated Topic & Sentiment Analytics (Support) automatically analyzes your tickets for topics and sentiment and producing a continuously updated report on the most common user issues.

inSided – Federated Search (Support) helps you expand your community knowledge. Simultaneously search through your Zendesk Guide content and user-generated content on your inSided community.

Lang.ai for Support (Support) helps you automate your tickets tagging by turning your complex customer interactions into structured data. Automate the tickets tagging your agents are doing manually by creating smart tags. Quickly detect issues, triage them in real time, and escalate urgent problems by leveraging smart tags and triggers

Readonly Fields Plus (Support) allows you to make certain fields read-only for your agents, similar to how they are read only for your end users. Fields can still be changed via triggers and automations.

Formotus (Support) helps you create mobile forms that support business logic, data validation, error checking, and other capabilities. Formotus features a Zendesk control that allows users to enter a new ticket into Zendesk from their forms to include information like photos, GPS info of the location where they were created, and annotations.

Wetransfer Upload Link (Support) adds a button to the sidebar of the Zendesk ticket interface. When clicked, it will open up WeTransfer (a popular file transfer service) in a new window, with the recipient’s e-mail address pre-filled with the requester of your ticket.

Jenny (Chat) is an easy-to-use chatbot platform for organizations needing to improve customer experience, increase customer service efficiency and reduce agent churn. Create conversational chatbots for any use case in internal and external communication and automate repetitive customer interactions with a platform for companies .

ChatCreate (Chat) is the only chatbot you can launch yourself in minutes. Easily set up your Zendesk Chat account to automatically answer commonly asked questions for your customers. Just add the answers and ChatCreate takes care of the rest and finds recurring topics.

Sales Autopilot (Support) helps you design email newsletters, send them to your customers, organize crm processes, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. Show all information about your customers while working aside Zendesk Support tickets.

Knowmax (Support) helps you create, curate, and distribute knowledge across assisted and digital touchpoints. Integrating Knowmax with Zendesk allows agents to answer complex calls using guided workflows in a decision tree format within the CRM.

Kalerya Click-to-Call (Support) connects Zendesk Support with the Kaleyra voice platform. Accept incoming calls, dial your customers from the application, enable Click-to-Call to make calls directly from the ticket, access call recording to enhance call quality, and more.

Inditel Telephony App (Support) allows your agents to make calls from within Zendesk and improves agent productivity and provides you with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) records within Zendesk for tracking, monitoring, auditing and training purposes.

To view the full cast of apps that have been released, follow our weekly release notes.

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