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Fall for these new integrations

Fall is here...along with new Zendesk app integrations. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Von Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Zuletzt aktualisiert: September 29, 2022

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.


incident.io (Support) empowers teams to run incidents end-to-end. Rapidly fix and learn from incidents, so you can build more resilient products. This integration connects to incident.io and gives your agents a view of recent incidents from within Zendesk. Zendesk tickets can be attached to incidents to help you keep track of impacted customers and collate feedback. Once a ticket has been attached to an incident, incident.io will keep the two things in sync. Any updates to your incident will be added as internal notes to Zendesk, and any comments on the Zendesk ticket will appear right in the incident channel–helping you keep your organization in sync when things go wrong.


FireHydrant (Support) is an incident management platform that provides automation, process compliance, and traceability–integrating the tools you already use today, like Zendesk. FireHydrant’s Zendesk integration allows support staff to create FireHydrant incidents and link existing incidents to support tickets directly from Zendesk. FireHydrant incident status updates are automatically posted back to linked Zendesk support tickets as internal notes, streamlining incident communications.

Screenjar Screen Recorder

Screenjar Screen Recorder (Support) makes it easy for customers to send you video recordings of their screen. You can generate a video request link using Screenjar and share it with the customer. Customers can simply click on the link and start recording. No software download/installation required, saving everyone’s time.

Tableau Connector by Alpha Serve

Tableau Connector by Alpha Serve (Support) is an app that allows you to connect Zendesk to Tableau. Export all Zendesk Support data related to tickets, ticket metrics, agents and users, satisfaction ratings, comments, organizations, and more. Build comprehensive reports to make data-driven decisions that progress strategic actions and help companies to build better relationships with their customers.

Additional apps added in September

  • Embed (Support) allows you to easily create a thumbnail with the link embedded. You can choose to add the full description or just the image. The button is added to the composer for easy access while you are drafting a message. Create a rich, clickable image from Open Graph-enabled links such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, CleanShot, CloudApp, and many more.

  • Tweet Preview (Support) allows your agents to be more productive by gaining clarity on the context of the Twitter conversation. With this app, they can view which tweet was replied to and view and play attached videos and audio files without opening a new window.

  • simPro by SyncEzy (Support) sends ticket information from your Zendesk account to simPRO quickly, to Quotes or Jobs. SimPRO is a very popular field service management application that has the ability to manage customers, generate quotations, manage jobs, save customer’s site information, and more.

  • TethrIT Now (Support) is a real-time, video-calling platform connecting experts and users to troubleshoot technical problems. Tethr It Now’s web-based platform requires no app, log-in, or meeting notice, and it supports iOS and Android devices. Simple architecture allows instant connection with no complications.

  • Custom Objects Reporting (Support) brings reports to your Zendesk Sunshine Custom Objects feature. See how many records each of your objects have and download those records in a CSV. Take this data and filter it how you want: by serial number, by model, by type, etc.

  • KMS AI (Support) leverages AI to help organizations reuse accurate responses and automate standard processes. The technology analyzes your data to find the answers that make your customers happy. This solution enables the automation of support categories in two stages: empowers the team with smart suggestions, and offers a fully automated mode that provides direct responses to customers with no human involvement.

  • Clipboard (Support) enables saving drafted comments into a designated ticket field temporarily. By clicking the icon on the bottom of the comment entry section, users can operate save, paste, and delete functions.

  • Holiday Import (Support) lets you import holidays to schedules in Zendesk from ICS. You may use an ICS URL to import custom holidays or use default preloaded ICS (Japanese National holidays). This app supports importing holidays up to two years in advance.

  • Flexfone af Proventic (Support) integrates your Flexfone calls with Zendesk and improves your agent response time. The top bar app will automatically open incoming and outgoing calls, showing the caller name, organization, and phone number of existing users in your Zendesk Support–as well as their tickets. Click on a ticket to add an internal note with call details including customer phone number, time of the call, employee local number, call duration, and a “flexfone”-tag. Or create a new ticket and profile for new customers with a single click.

  • Enhanced Organization Attributes (Support) allows you to store and display organization attributes directly within the ticket app sidebar location. This app allows you to surface information from the organization quickly without having to change context by displaying attributes as buttons as well as offering the ability to display HTML-friendly notes, which can contain images, links, and HTML markup.

  • Dialfire (Sell) helps you effortlessly accelerate your campaigns with an ultra-efficient predictive dialer, whether you have 1 or 1000 people working on it. With just a few clicks, you will convert Zendesk Sell pipeline stages into a dialfire campaign, ready to go.

  • Convin (Support) is a conversation intelligence platform. Convin captures your customer conversations by using its in-house, patented speech-to-text engine to generate a 100 percent accurate transcription. Convin analyzes the conversation for deal intelligence, opportunities, best sales practices, customer intelligence, and more to help sales reps effectively engage with the customers.

  • Twyg (Support) makes it easy to understand your customers’ problems. Save time by letting Twyg automatically extract and summarize insights from your Zendesk chat conversations.

  • Get Labor (Support) helps businesses of all sizes confidently outsource, knowing they’re getting a great provider at a competitive cost. When you download the Get Labor app, you will be directed to a brief questionnaire about your outsourcing needs. ArenaCX will then use your responses, plus data from your instance, to match you with a world-class BPO partner.

  • Pinnacle SMS & WhatsApp (Sell) allows you to send Pinnacle SMS and WhatsApp messages from the Contacts, Leads, and Deals modules of Zendesk Sell.

New themes added in September

Auggies is a modern, responsive, and mobile-friendly, multipurpose Zendesk Guide Help Center theme (templates). Multi-language and dynamic content is supported. Auggies offers a unique layout for Help Center with a customizable hero section that features custom blocks on the homepage.

Beryl is an ultra-modern and fully responsive Zendesk Guide Help Center theme. It is highly adaptable and supports all Zendesk functions. All elements look and behave consistently, no matter what device you use.

Utah is a responsive and mobile-friendly Zendesk theme that comes with a fully customizable homepage. Everything from the header, custom blocks, side navigation, table of contents, and footer is configurable–making it user-friendly.

Nalanda is a perfect balance between style and performance. The theme comes with a large parallax image in the back of a floating search box, at the center-left of it all. It has a stunning full-screen layout with beautiful blocks and interactive design elements, which generate an airy and elegant feeling in the help center.

Obscu is a business Zendesk Guide theme dedicated to startups, consultancy businesses, and companies operating in the finance, consulting, investing, legal, accounting, insurance, and modern technology software development industries. It offers everything you need to build an online support portal for your business.

Xenia is a clean, modern, and mobile-friendly Zendesk theme that comes with a fully customizable homepage. The header, custom blocks, side navigation, table of contents, and footer is configurable, keeping everything accessible.

Hexas is an ideal Zendesk Guide theme for basic help centers. It features an accordion in promoted articles. Easy-to-set-up, customizable, and designed with professionalism in mind, Hexas will help you create an impressive help center in a matter of minutes.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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