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No tricks, just treats: New integrations are here

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Von Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Zuletzt aktualisiert: April 29, 2024

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.

Interactive Messaging Templates

Interactive Messaging Templates (Support) (Paid) enables the creation and management of ‘Messaging Templates’ that allow agents to harness the power of these tools in messaging conversations at the press of a button. Create and manage ‘Messaging Templates’ via the Admin Panel. View available templates directly in the ticket, with filtering capability built in to help find the perfect template quickly. Preview a template to ensure you know exactly what the end-user will see–no surprises.

Generative AI Voice Analytics

Generative AI Voice Analytics (Support) rapidly assesses the call with an AI-generated narrative summary of its progression. Sentiment analysis, developed with UK government backing specifically for how people talk rather than how they type, is applied to both the caller and the agent or agents as the call progresses. It provides a transcript with sentence punctuation separated between caller and agent(s) with a new line for each speaker’s turn. It applies to all inbound and outbound calls for a subscribed Talk Agent with no changes to their workflow. Insights are available to all Zendesk Support users, whether they’re subscribed Talk Agents or not, as all Zendesk Support users can see the Sentiment Analysis, Gen AI Narrative Summary, and Speaker Separated Transcription.


Setyl (Support) is a cloud-based IT management platform that integrates across your IT landscape. Track assets and subscription renewals, improve on-and-off boarding processes, analyze spend and stay compliant, in one comprehensive platform. Real time reporting uses data from integrations to generate aggregate reports with detailed breakdowns for complete visibility on your spend. With connections to over 40 finance, HR, and IT tools–including Google and Microsoft–Setyl is quick to implement. Link your support tickets to Setyl assets, people, service accounts, apps, departments, locations, and legal entities.


Konnectify (Support) ensures your Zendesk experience is interconnected with other essential business systems. Konnectify empowers businesses to effortlessly access customer data, oversee support interactions, and even automate standard processes, all from within the familiar confines of the Zendesk environment. The outcome? Quicker solutions, amplified agent efficiency, and soaring customer satisfaction levels. Boasting an intuitive setup and a myriad of integrations, Konnectify is the indispensable ally for every Zendesk-centric support crew. Whether the aim is to streamline ticketing, bolster CRM functionalities, or harness the full power of Zendesk, Konnectify is the linchpin for peak efficiency.

Additional apps added in October:

  • CXBOX by Demeter (Support) helps you upsell products while supporting your customers with a recommendation function. The integration brings forth the customer’s information and their orders to display on the app so agents can respond to tickets more effectively.
  • PRDCT Customer Data (Support) displays additional information about ticket requesters, pulled from the PRDCT Customer Data Platform. The PRDCT Customer Data Platform combines all your client, prospect, and lead data together in one place, GDPR proof.
  • Cordless (Support) automatically logs and syncs call history data, call transcripts, and recordings with Zendesk–including made or received calls, missed calls, and voicemails. You can also see AI summaries of conversations and links to call transcripts/recordings in your Zendesk tickets.
  • Flip CX (Support) is Alexa-like Voice AI for commerce and retail brands. Flip automates 40 to 50 percent of customer service calls, including WISMO, returns, subscriptions, and more. Once the integration is set up, Flip will automatically create tickets in Zendesk for resolved calls and tickets for open calls so your team can effectively follow up to resolve caller requests.
  • eZDesk Super Admin Tools (Support) lets you preview edits, test triggers, and analyze rules in your Zendesk environment. With eZDesk Super Admin Tools, preview your adjustments, and gauge their impact on the live agent environment seamlessly—ensuring no disruptions occur.
  • VirtualAgent (Support) automates your ticketing management by means of a voice and text AI-based Virtual Agent. Automatically create tickets from interactions to solve simple issues or pass tickets along to live agents for more complex requests or interaction issues.
  • PDF Print Export for Guide (Support) allows your agents to easily create beautiful, print-ready PDFs based on your knowledge base articles with only a few clicks. Select articles to export, customize your PDF, and download.
  • Ticket Tagging AI by FreeText AI (Support) enables the auto-tagging of tickets and sentiment analysis using ChatGPT and LLMs. Automate the process of tagging tickets– topics, sentiment, emotion, and criticality–and get actionable customer insights 10 times faster.
  • Field Service Manager (Support) allows you to manage field service jobs that you can assign to teams or technicians. The app allows you to create and edit jobs, assign jobs to teams or technicians, schedule jobs for a required date, and update ticket comments with the latest job information.
  • Cely for Support (Support) and Sell (Sell) integrate Networth Telecom’s Cely call solution with Zendesk to allow management of all your calls directly from your Zendesk application with just one click. Control your calls from Zendesk, open the contact’s page, and identify your clients through the Cely interface.
  • WooCommerce Connector by MorfDev (Support) allows you to connect your WooCommerce stores and display customer information on the Zendesk side. This will help to better search and verify information, as well as provide more effective support.
  • PrestaShop Connector by MorfDev (Support) allows you to connect your PrestaShop stores and display customer information on the Zendesk side–helping to better search and verify information.
  • Magento 2 Connector by MorfDev (Support) can connect your Magento 2 stores and display customer information on the Zendesk side. This will help to better search and verify information, as well as provide more effective support.
  • Whatsapp Audio Player by Zenital (Support) lets you listen to Whatsapp Voice Notes without leaving the ticket. Save your agent’s time by avoiding downloading files and context-switching. Your agents won’t need to install or store potentially dangerous files or software on their computers.
  • Intelly (Support) allows you to easily monitor and analyze your team’s performance in real time from any location. Stay informed, make data-driven decisions, and optimize your customer service operations with Intelly’s intuitive and user-friendly platform.
  • Organization Notes (Support) lets you quickly display your organization notes using markdown while viewing support tickets or user profiles.
  • Deltapath Talk for Support (Support) and Sell (Sell) are designed to streamline workflows and supercharge access to top-tier telephone services within Zendesk. Effortlessly make, receive, and transfer calls within Zendesk on any device with the installed app.
  • Translate.com by Machine (Support) is a multilingual support ticket translation tool. Choose Professional Human Translation (60+ language pairs available) or Instant Machine Translation (more than 90+ language pairs), depending on your needs. More than 17,000 expert translators are available to handle your incoming and outgoing tickets.
  • Notion (Support) is the connected workspace where better, faster work happens. Notion helps them create and share docs, manage projects, and organize knowledge–all in one place. You can preview live Zendesk tickets, evaluate their status, and check other key properties in Notion. You can also use database filters, views, rollups, and relations to create custom views of your projects.
  • Intelly Agent Status (Support) tracks your agents support status in the Intelly App. Easily monitor and analyze your team’s performance in real time, from any location. No need to require your agents to set their status, this app tracks their status in the background so your agents can focus on what they do best, providing exceptional service.
  • Postcall (Support) integrates with Zendesk Talk to automatically send customer satisfaction surveys by SMS. Create your surveys in Postcall, and then use information about each call to create different scenarios for when to send a survey.
  • Witalker by Witbor (Support) lets you conduct mass messaging via WhatsApp. Now your messages can reach hundreds or even thousands of recipients with just a few clicks.
  • ChatGPT Assistant by Adiacent (Support) captures conversation essence, analyzes tone, and suggests responses with touch. Provide an overview of the open ticket, suggest a ready-made response to the agent for the customer, check the sentiment of the ticket, or even communicate with ChatGPT through free text, guiding it to obtain specific responses or perform certain actions.
  • FirstSupport AI Assistant (Support) is AI copilot GPT. Automate responses, summarize tickets, and tag assignments. Connect with your data sources–documents, websites, help center, Google Docs, and more. Set your brand voice for aligned responses and see draft responses for each ticket; reply in one click.
  • AimHappy (Support) improves your customer service by understanding what makes your customers happy. Detect the happiness of your customers using AimHappy’s sentiment analysis tools. Observe the happiness of your customers over time with the sidebar graph and see a dashboard view of the sentiment of recent and unanswered tickets.
  • Auto Ticket Merge (Support) consolidates multiple tickets from the same customer sent within a close timeframe, making your ticket handling swift and efficient. Upon a new ticket arrival, Auto Merge searches through your recent open tickets, merging relevant ones seamlessly.
  • Messaging for Viber by DataFox (Support) lets you engage with your Viber™ users via Zendesk Suite (Sunshine Conversations). Send text, files, and images back to Viber users; add macros, triggers, tags to Viber tickets, and more with this handy integration.
  • Profanity Checker (Support) lets you input words and phrases that you want to prevent your agents from using. If an agent uses the blocked words or phrases, a pop-up will notify them that the word or phrase is blocked. The response will not be sent until the blocked word or phrase is removed.
  • Ticket Deleter (Support) enables bulk deletion of closed or solved tickets. Deletes tickets that were closed or solved in the period you define. You have the option for deleted tickets to appear in a Deleted tickets view for 30 days. After that time, they are automatically, permanently deleted.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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