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Nothing sweeter than new integrations

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these integrations can help out your sales and support teams.

Von Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Zuletzt aktualisiert: March 31, 2023

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.


RewordMaster (Support) ensures that your customer service agents are able to effectively communicate with customers in a professional manner that reflects your company’s voice in any supported language. Write directly in the Zendesk editor; there is no need to use another software or a Chrome extension.

Centribal Platform

Centribal Platform (Messaging) is a conversational tool for creating, managing, and training bots which integrates with your customers’ favorite channels and ticketing tools–offering complete traceability and excellent customer experience. Connect your chatbot to instant messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, or Instagram. It automatically detects the users’ intentions and can include variables and entities for maximum personalization.

Liquid Placeholders

Liquid Placeholders (Support) is a simple tool for administrators to help construct and test double-brace placeholders in triggers, macros, or tickets. Enter an example ticket ID and use the liquid markup editor to search for any placeholders including custom ticket fields. Click ‘OK’ to see how the placeholders translate on the ticket provided.

ZIS Playground

ZIS Playground (Support) is a tool for developers so you can quickly learn Zendesk Integration Services’ capabilities, resources, and syntax. ZIS Playground walks you through the setup process and comes with a simple default Flow so you can run your first test in just a couple of minutes. Try out ZIS features and syntax by writing ZIS Flows (business logic) and ZIS Actions (API wrappers). Easily generate and store a Zendesk OAuth token in a ZIS Connection to authenticate API requests to Zendesk products. Register external OAuth Clients and use them to create OAuth tokens that can authenticate API requests to those external systems.

Additional apps added in February:

  • Language Weaver Translation (Support) enables your agents to communicate with your global customers by providing machine translation in Zendesk Support Tickets. Agents can translate the messages from customers and also translate their responses into the customer’s preferred language.
  • Article Recommendations by Contexter (Support) offers AI-powered, in-app, contextual article recommendations. Contexer is a low-code solution that provides your users with in-app help center recommendations, integrates with your existing knowledge base, and saves your support team time. Contexer uses a combination of AI/ML and predictive analytics to get your customers the right help center resources.
  • Linkzen (Sell) helps you add leads from LinkedIn into Zendesk Sell. Install the Chrome Extension, go to a person’s LinkedIn profile, and click ‘Add to Zendesk’. Voila–the person will be added into your Zendesk Sell account.
  • Google Sheets Connector by Coefficient (Support) helps you sync Google Sheets to your Zendesk data and accelerate your work. Build automated ad hoc analyses, reports, and dashboards using your live Zendesk data in the fastest, most flexible way in a tool you’re already familiar with: your good, old-fashioned spreadsheet.
  • ZenAI (Support) harnesses the power of GPT-3 technology to generate quick and efficient response suggestions for support tickets. By analyzing the customer’s request, the GPT-3 language model is able to generate personalized and contextually relevant responses that are tailored to the specific needs of each customer.
  • Custom Objects CSV Importer (Support) lets you import your Custom Objects via CSV to save time. Keep your data in one place and kick-start managing your assets directly in Zendesk. Just upload your CSV and press a button to import all of your data into Custom Objects.
  • Loopy (Support) is the first agent experience platform focused on measuring agent effort and collecting internal feedback to identify where the areas of improvement are (processes, tools, tasks, etc.) in an organization. Loopy can easily integrate with Zendesk to capture the ticket ID and connect it to the case management tool–so you can relate the ticket with the agent effort score and feedback provided by the agent.
  • Sweephy (Support) is a data cleaning and preparing automated machine learning tool. Use Sweephy to help normalize your data through advanced algorithms and cutting-edge technology to quickly and accurately clean and organize data, allowing companies to focus on more critical tasks and make better data-driven decisions.
  • Finder.io (Support) makes it easy to locate the email addresses of the contacts that matter most to your business. Simply enter any website and Finder.io instantly searches for email addresses, ensuring they are valid before you send out any emails. Integrate with Zendesk Sell to easily export and manage your leads.
  • Aunoa for Support and Chat transforms chats into tickets with ease and revolutionizes your Customer Support. Aunoa collects all the necessary customer information and creates tickets from chat and chatbot conversations.
  • Bilstatistik Lookup by Proventic (Support) can automatically look up a Danish number/license plate written in the ticket conversation and display the car and leasing information in the ticket sidebar. The app can even recognize if several plate numbers have been written in the conversation and let you look them up with just a single click.
  • Macro Export (Support) is a simple tool for CSV export of your macros, actions, and dynamic content. Export all your macros and any meta-data: title, description, created and updated time, actions, etc. Export the list of actions for each macro and your dynamic content for each language.
  • Fav! Bookmarks Tickets (Support) lets you add and remove Zendesk support tickets to bookmark. Access and open your bookmark tickets from anywhere on Zendesk. Keyword search helps find bookmark tickets and their status.
  • Loader (Support) allows you to preview, select, link, and import data into Zendesk without any coding or special knowledge. Loader can import or update customers, organizations, and tickets. Each object has unique data fields (for example, a ticket: Requester, Assignee, Type, Priority, etc.).
  • Reminder App (Support) is an easy way to create ticket reminders and get notified through email or SMS. Support teams can create and edit ticket reminders right within Zendesk Support.

New themes added in February:

Sportspot is a fully responsive, multipurpose Zendesk Help Center (Guide) theme. The theme comes with a large parallax image at the back of a floating search box. It has a stunning full-screen layout with sleek blocks and interactive design elements which generate an airy and elegant feeling to the help center.

Green is modern, professional, and engaging–offering a fully responsive theme for Zendesk Guide. Green also comes with several setting options that can help improve the user’s perception of your help portal. The theme options are user-friendly and require no special knowledge.

Cavel is easy to customize, offers a variety of features, and boasts a strong setting panel for any user to make a good Support Center. Cavel includes features for making a professional-looking Help Center with an attractive design.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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