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The integration party never stops

Von Eric Shen, Technical account manager

Zuletzt aktualisiert: September 21, 2021

We’ve got 13 great new integrations to tell you about! That’s right, 13, the luckiest number of all time.

LoyaltyLion is a data-driven loyalty and engagement platform trusted by thousands of ecommerce brands worldwide. The LoyaltyLion and Zendesk integration helps you improve customer relationships and support by harnessing your loyalty data. Easily view your customers’ loyalty insights directly in your Zendesk platform to understand if they’re loyal, at-risk, or in need of winning back. Personalise your help desk response based on their value. Encourage customers to refer friends. The integration allows you to see your customers’ unique referral URL from within Zendesk to you can include it in your query responses

AfterShip is the no.1 tracking solution for top retailers to improve customers’ post-purchase experience. With the AfterShip app, your customer success teams can see the latest delivery status of related shipments of your customers easily, without switching between applications. Agents can easily copy and paste the latest results together with a one-click tracking link.

Cancel Ticket Submit
The Cancel Ticket Submit app prevents ticket submission and allows an agent to review their ticket comments before submitting the ticket in Zendesk Support. This replaces the old unsupported “Oops” app. The following information is displayed when attempting to submit a ticket: popup modal with ticket comment text for verification and a cancel button to cancel ticket submission.

Shopify from helphouse.io
Shopify from helphouse.io makes it possible to view and edit information in Shopify directly from the interface of Zendesk Support. Create new actions in Shopify, like making a refund, directly from a ticket in Zendesk. Get a detailed overview of order details, whether they have shipped or not, cancel and re-stock orders, access discount codes, process refunds, and more, all from the Zendesk Support ticket you are working on.

Tonkean is a human-compatible automation platform that handles complex, human-in-the-loop processes without breaking the chain of automation. Connect Tonkean to Zendesk and automate all the manual actions required in your workflow. Monitor/Create/Edit tickets, users, customers and perform common actions like comment, tag, assign, change status, etc. Use Tonkean’s people coordination actions to inquiry people via email, Slack or MS Teams, and push update back to Zendesk

Additional apps added in March:

Macro Date helps you to use the strength of Zendesk’s Macro feature, Due Date and Date Fields. Create a task to reopen a ticket in 3 workdays or automatically select the date in 2 months. Macro Date can automatically select a date in the future or past from a Macro.

Ultimate.ai guides your agents with real-time answer suggestions in Zendesk Chat and completely automates repetitive cases and actions. Ultimate.ai learns from your historical chat data to provide answer suggestions for your agents in real time.

Zentree lets you create easy to build interactive decision trees for your agents directly inside Zendesk Support. Create trees for your agents for a nearly endless number of other situations where a structured step-by-step approach will help you get closer to your goal.

Rezo is an AI-powered platform that places your customer support on autopilot. Automatically suggest answers for tickets for your agents and let them answer customers with a single click to copy the reply suggested by Rezo into the ticket comment.

Gus Chatbots designs and implements tailormade chatbots (Virtual Agents) that lets bots answer your customers commonly asked questions when your customers contact you via chat and let the actual agents deal with the tougher questions that require their expertise.

Verified-Reviews specializes in the collection, mediation, and publication of online clients reviews. Transform your reviews into Zendesk tickets and manage your moderated reviews directly in Zendesk Support.

Exalate is the most complete & flexible synchronization tool on the planet for issue trackers and task management systems such as Zendesk, Github, HP ALM and Jira. With the Exalate sync tool you can experience an intuitive collaboration between teams using Jira and Zendesk by synchronizing issue data automatically across your instances.

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