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Incoming integrations

Von Eric Shen, Technical account manager

Zuletzt aktualisiert: September 14, 2021

Your February roundup of new integrations has arrived. And since February is the month of love, here’s what we love about this month’s incoming integrations.

Finn AI Virtual Assistant

Finn AI (Support) (Chat) provides award-winning Virtual Assistants for banking to deliver better customer experiences and a clear return on investment. As the world’s only banking-specific conversational AI platform, Finn AI works with innovative retail banks and credit unions around the world to deliver Virtual Assistants specializing in digital self-service and customer acquisition that rival the biggest banking players. Finn AI provides optimized, out-of-the-box support for over 500 of the most common banking tasks and questions determined using real-world data about bank and credit union’s top contact drivers. Integrate Finn AI with Zendesk Support or Zendesk Chat and let Finn AI answer your customers’ questions automatically.

Better Views by helphouse.io

Better Views by helphouse.io (Support) enables you to better organize your Zendesk Support Views, beyond the default Views setting within Zendesk Support. With Better Views, you can group your views into a tree structure and get an unlimited amount of displayed views. Organize your Views in a tree structure, get an unlimited amount of Views displayed. With the Better Views app, you can get a more structured display of views, and therefore also a better overview-hence “Better Views.”


Survicate (Support) is survey software that helps you get into your customer’s mindset and uncover actionable insights. Measure NPS®, customer satisfaction, and collect general feedback from within your emails in Zendesk. Distribute Survicate surveys with Zendesk emails–add Survicate one-click surveys to emails sent via Zendesk. Embed the first question directly in the email to improve the response rate. See email addresses of respondents in the Survicate analysis panel–Survicate will add the email address to every respondent’s details, so you know how every person answered.


Assembled (Support) is a modern workforce management platform built for rapidly scaling support teams. Assembled helps you achieve faster response times, improve team performance and make better staffing decisions in a team-friendly way. It gives you an end-to-end platform for forecasting support work, scheduling teammates, and tracking real-time metrics for your Zendesk Support agent. Assembled works with the most progressive support organizations in the world, including leading technology companies like Stripe, Harry’s, and Looker.

Additional apps added in February:

SmartConnect by eOne Solutions

SmartConnect by eOne Solutions (Support) gives you two-way integration between Dynamics 365 and Zendesk customer and ticket data. It provides integration maps to help you decide which components of each system to sync.

Agent Dashboard

Agent Dashboard (Support) provides real-time metrics, analytics, and broadcast alerts for agents. Pin real-time metrics based on views to the top bar, embed and dynamically filter your existing dashboards (Looker, Tableau, etc.) for the logged-in agent, pull from multiple data sources to present advanced, custom metrics.


Polytomic (Support) automatically attaches internal customer context to your support tickets and chats, so your agents don’t have to hunt for it. Using Polytomic you can pull data from any internal source (including services like Amplitude, ShipBob, and all major SQL databases) and display it instantly alongside your Zendesk Support tickets.

Hero by Vivun

Hero by Vivun (Support) provides tools for managing presales teams. Let your support agents stay closely connected with their product management teams by understanding the development status of product gaps, capturing the needs of customers, and gaining visibility into previously recorded account and opportunity gaps in relation to the agent’s customers and users.


Chattermill helps you get actionable insights from customer feedback. Aggregate all your customer feedback and conversations in one place with dozens of prebuilt integrations, understand ticket topics/reasons for contact, and even sentiment for each of the topic discussed, and more.


Solvvy (Support) uses the power of AI to help your customers self serve and directs them to the right support channel using contextual and customer data. Solvvy uses machine learning to train on your historical ticket data and natural language processing to detect your customer’s intent.

masvoz Cloud Contact Center

masvoz Cloud Contact Center (Support) is a cloud telephony leader. Easily integrate your phone system directly into the Zendesk Support interface and make and receive your calls from Zendesk, automate the creation of tickets and auto-populate call information in the tickets.


With Field*, (Support) companies can make any type of ticket required to fill out. Easily pick and choose from all your available fields which should be required by simply checking a box.

Botfuel Answers

Botfuel Answers (Chat) allows you to create an AI sales assistant and connect it to your Zendesk account. Customize which requests you want to respond to, the content of your responses, and the response behavior, such as follow up questions.


Obie (Support) creates a single source of truth for all your knowledge base, wikis, and documentation. Connect Zendesk Guide, Google Drive, Confluence, Trello, Jira, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, ReadMe and GitHub for effortless access to the information you need to enable best-in-class support.


Stella (Support) is an enterprise-grade chatbot builder for developers and marketing talents to build great conversational experiences on WebChat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp with their customers and fans.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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