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Forrester report: The Six Key Elements of Proactive Chat

Last updated April 2, 2015

In this October 2014 report from Forrester Research, Inc., analyst Kate Leggett explains why chat is gaining importance as both a pre- and post-purchase channel and outlines how chat has evolved from its roots to where it is today: proactive, and able to deliver predictive engagement.

At a high-level, Leggett also recommends that companies continually refine the following six steps in order to see value from a proactive chat strategy:

  • Step 1: Pinpoint journeys that will benefit most from proactive chat
  • Step 2: Target customers who have the highest intent to purchase
  • Step 3: Determine when to intervene
  • Step 4: Determine what to offer the customer
  • Step 5: Don’t overlook the presentation of the offer
  • Step 6: Don’t forget to invest in your chat agents

The full report is no longer available for complimentary download. Read more about the report and purchase a copy at the Forrester website.