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LendIt + Zendesk: Trust is a must for fintechs

5 ways fintech startups can harness trust for a competitive advantage

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Fintech has given customers the freedom to manage their finances, trade stocks, and purchase cryptocurrency, all with the tiny computer in their pocket.

Customers have flocked to fintech companies in recent years, with 31 percent citing “trust in a fintech provider’s team and company reputation” as the top reason for engagement.

Now, fintech startups need to prove they’re worthy of that trust.

Download the report, created with our partners at LendIt Fintech, and find out:

  • How to earn customers’ trust with fast, reliable customer service

  • Why consistent execution is more important than flashy features

  • How strong company cultures improve employee performance and retention

Trust is a must for fintechs

How this misunderstood corporate value makes all the difference

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