5 facts to help you stay cybersecurity savvy

Learn about the current state of cybersecurity and our recommended best practices for a secure Zendesk Suite experience.

Last updated October 23, 2023

Cybersecurity is constantly in a state of flux. Threat intelligence analysts discover new ways to improve threat detection, and within months bad actors use the very same technology to circumvent monitoring and defense capabilities. However, each security incident is an opportunity to not only learn more about the changing threat landscape, but also to better understand potential vulnerabilities and how to strategically level up your defenses.

The infographic shows some of the most relevant and shocking security statistics of the last few years. It provides insight into the current state of cybersecurity and direct access to our Zendesk Suite Actionable Security Guide. This guide is designed to provide you with easy-to-follow recommendations for how to strengthen the security of your own instance from access controls to disaster recovery.

You can get more information about security, privacy, and compliance at Zendesk in our Trust Center.