Nonprofit CRM

Nonprofit CRM

Deliver a great donor experience by extending your nonprofit CRM software to integrate with Zendesk
When you run a nonprofit, time is money, and every donor interaction counts. You need to make sure your contact center software integrates a 360-degree view of your donors, including activity history, donor communications, internal account discussions, and social data, so you have everything you need to communicate effectively. That's where customer relationship management (CRM) software plays a vital role in a nonprofits overall fundraising and management strategy. With your CRM and Zendesk Support on the same page, you can provide a holistic view of your donors with dynamic two-way data sharing integration.

The details

Support puts all your donor support interactions in one place, so communication is seamless, personal, and efficient by allowing you to customize your CRM software and configure any workflow. Our donor management capabilities are powerful enough to handle the most complex business, yet flexible enough to scale with you as your nonprofit grows.

Extend your CRM to Integrate with Zendesk Support and experience:

  • Comprehensive donor profiles - eliminate the need to switch between spreadsheets with the integration of donor information across all data sources
  • Donation processing - streamline your donation processing through your CRM solution so you can speed up and automate the donation process with data stored across all channels
  • List segmentation - organize your donors into groups with automated features
  • Email and SMS automation - reach your donors instantly with mobile-ready tools for digital marketing and fundraising
  • Donor management and data reporting - instant access to the donor data analytics that matter for a deeper understanding of your donors and business that comes with it
Seamlessly integrate your CRM solution with Zendesk Support to deliver enhanced nonprofit donor relationships. Accept your free trial today to experience effective fundraising.

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