Best CRM Software

Best CRM software

Integrate with the best CRM software to close the loop between sales and support
Sales and support teams are on the frontlines of your business driving important customer interactions every day. To deliver a great customer experience, those teams need to be on the same page to deliver the best customer relationship management (CRM). Zendesk Support delivers CRM solutions by allowing you to extend your CRM software to close the loop between your sales and support teams by enhancing visibility into customer information and support activity.

The benefits

Zendesk integrates with the best CRM software enabling your support team to deliver a personal service experience and ensure customer satisfaction with customer profile information from your CRM software in their Zendesk view. This means you can pull in any CRM data from the sales pipeline so your support team can see a full customer profile right next to a live ticket, all without having to leave Zendesk. By integrating CRM software, like Salesforce or Insightly, with a customer service software solution, like Zendesk, organizations create an environment for providing an optimal customer experience. These integrations are most useful for small businesses who are focused on gaining more customers, and enterprises that need to maintain their current relationships and partnerships by providing a comprehensive overview of customers’ status and behavior.

Extend your cloud-based CRM software into your small business and enterprise contact center solutions for:

  • Improved data access - customer’s data organized centrally with automated information on everything from personal contact information to purchase and service history, making it easier for agents to interact with customers in a timely, thorough, and personalized manner with increased chances for first contact resolution
  • Enhanced overall efficiency and communication - improved workflow with communication across departments that can help marketing managers better analyze customer needs based on purchase history to create targeted marketing campaigns, like SMS blasts or social media posts
  • Reduced contact center costs - increased efficiency means less time and resources are needed to manage customer interactions with solutions that automate and capture call activity directly into the CRM for improved sales forecasting
  • Superior customer experience - streamlined data management (recording and analyzing customer feedback) creates more meaningful customer experiences for greater brand loyalty and customer retention

To improve the value we offer customer support teams, Zendesk Support includes software for integration with CRM systems. Upper management gets better sales and marketing results, business users get strong communication tools, and customers get relationships that are more meaningful, personal, and productive.

Request your free trial today and experience all of your interactions in one place. What are you waiting for?

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