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Strengthen IT service as you scale

Your IT ticketing system is the primary point of interaction between IT and your business, so it truly sets the tone for your customer service experience. As organizations grow, the complex demands placed on IT can overwhelm the team—putting a stop to reliable customer service. Without an IT Ticketing System, IT help desks can break down and lose the ability to deliver support employees need to do their work. That’s where Zendesk Support comes in.

Integrations that strengthen your business

With Zendesk Support, your IT system is able to enact complex scenarios with technology software integrations that will keep your business running smoothly. Our powerful automation tools easily track and manage incident problems, trouble tickets, events, changes, and service requests. Zendesk Support software is also designed to grow with your business. Completely adaptable, the software can monitor continual needs of both IT and customer service—no matter your company’s size.

Pre-planned problem solving

Instead of your IT team having to solve problems on the fly, predefined responses called macros can automatically solve common problems faster by issuing a pre-planned response.
Support’s IT help desk software can also tag issues to report, categorize, and track problems across tickets so you can easily troubleshoot customer service issues.

Track your IT assets

When it comes to your business’ assets, we integrate common IT management tools so you can keep records of phones, computers, monitors, and anything else being utilized by your team. Whether your business is a smaller enterprise or a rapidly expanding entity moving to a massive HQ, you’ll know exactly what equipment you have on-hand for your team so you can easily figure out what you need to grow.

Scale up with Zendesk Support

Give your team and customers the gift of seamless IT service. Sign up for a free trial to get started with Zendesk Support.