Best Free Forum Software

Best Free Forum Software

Achieve the best results with forum software from Zendesk Guide
At the center of every organization is the customer relationship. Improving upon that relationship is as easy as improving upon your help desk software. Including forum software in that approach, which cultivates an online community in which members can post questions, comments, answers, and solutions about the products of the host can certainly boost satisfaction levels. And while free or open source may sound appealing, it often costs you more than you originally anticipated. Your IT department can attest to that.

The details

With Guide, a member of the Zendesk family of products, customer engagement and connections are fostered—all on a customized, branded platform. And customers who participate in feedback forums can easily create tickets in Zendesk Support, for when other users can't answer their questions.

Guide empowers users with advanced community management features like:

  • Appointed community managers to moderate and keep discussions on topic
  • Posts that can be sorted and followed to keep abreast of the latest updates
  • Fresh and valuable content with duplicate prevention tools
Zendesk empowers businesses around the world with community support software solutions. Streamline your customer service approach with a customizable online forum and discussion board that allows users to get the answers they need while providing you with invaluable customer insight. Sign up for your free trial of Guide today.