Customer Experience Tool

Customer experience tool

In recent years, the world of customer relationships have been driven by a mix of people, systems and software. The challenge in today’s customer relationship economy is that the customer has countless outlets to share their opinion and feedback about your brand. In the end, it’s healthy for them to have this power as it drives a better level of product or service from the companies they buy from. That's where Zendesk Explore comes in.

Everything in it’s place

But how do you support these interactions in real time? How do you know when clients are potentially frustrated, want to interact more with you, or on a larger scale when the best time is to have the most agents available?

Zendesk’s Explore customer experience tool is the answer. Explore helps you build an end to end quality customer experience through all of the data insights you could possibly imagine.

Von den Vorteilen profitieren

So, how does it work?

By connecting all of your data points such as databases, CRMs, Files, and Business Apps – including Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. As a result, Explore generates the real-time analytics and insights you need through machine learning to predict, run and improve your end to end customer experience.

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Let data be your guide to delivering an amazing customer experience. Use Explore to measure, predict, and understand the entire customer experience. Today is your day to take control. Take Zendesk Explore for a spin with a free trial.

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