Bieten Sie ein überzeugendes Multichannel-Erlebnis

Bieten Sie ein überzeugendes Multichannel-Erlebnis

Your customers are ready to connect with your business in more ways than ever before. In today's digital world, the web, mobile app, e-mail, phone, and live chat are all engagement channels they expect you to deliver - seamlessly.
Zendesk makes make delivering great multi-channel experiences easy.

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Multi-Channel relationships allow you to always be reachable by your customers - at anytime - from anywhere.
Learn how to get started with building a multi-channel support model. Download our guide.

Direkter Draht zu Kunden

Sehen Sie selbst, wie einfach der Einstieg in die Multichannel-Welt ist.

  • • Boost agent productivity

  • • Improve customer satisfaction

  • • Set up new channels quickly
Bieten Sie ein überzeugendes Multichannel-Erlebnis

Sprechen Sie mit Ihren Kunden

Learn how to deliver a personal, productive phone support experience to manage all customer conversations.

  • • Develop goals for providing great phone support

  • • Organize and optimize your phone support

  • • Measure and improve the support you provide

Deliver a faster response

Learn how adding a chat channel delivers a faster and a more personal way to engage with customers.

  • • Manage customer experience and chat volume

  • • Determine your staffing requirements

  • • Train agents to chat effectively

Keep up with customer expectations

Read how customers have increasing expectations around which channels they should be served over and how long response times should be.

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    Get started with Zendesk training or advance your skills with Zendesk Support Certification.

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    Get help with a support question or ask a question from the community.

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