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Zendesk for Gaming: White Hat, Discord, Riot Games, and Wargaming

When it comes to providing great customer experiences in gaming, we think our customers do it best. Listen to their stories to hear how they have scaled, innovated, and improved their support with Zendesk.

White Hat, Discord, Riot Games
“There just wasn’t any product outside of Zendesk.”

Mikko Inkinen

IT Manager at White Hat Gaming

“Zendesk gets a wealth of ideas from customers and often anticipates our needs before we’re even able to articulate or understand them.”

Shaun 'BlueFire' Randall

Product Manager Support Engineering at Riot Games

Seamless CX

A player-first experience

White Hat gaming uses Zendesk to put players at the heart of the company. “Simple, logical, and easy to maintain,” the company’s IT manager says. Zendesk makes it easy for agents and players to seamlessly connect.

Staying connected

Prioritizing the right requests

Quarantine restrictions caused Discord’s usage to triple—and not just within the gaming community. Virtual classes, book clubs, study groups, restaurateurs, and digital conventions are all using Discord to gather online. That sudden growth caused a spike in support traffic, leading Discord to invest in automation, deflection, and AI; now users can score quick answers and agents can focus on higher-priority conversations.

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Inventive, custom-built tools

Riot Games’s support team solves many of its 3 million annual tickets with customized apps and automations built on the Zendesk platform. One bot, which reads Zendesk ticket data and solves requests in less than 30 seconds, prompted players to share a tip on Reddit explaining how to access the bot instead of an agent. The result? Roughly 20,000 bot-solved tickets in 24 hours.

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Scaling support

Handling surging volumes

Gaming developer and publisher Wargaming was founded in Minsk in 1998. Its online hits—World of Tanks, World of Warships, and World of Warplanes—were already played by millions of people worldwide. Yet with so many sheltering in their homes, Wargaming saw unexpected additional players in the first half of 2020. Its global network of 400+ agents are now solving ~720K tickets each month, twice what agents typically handled before the pandemic. Wargaming’s customized Zendesk Support instance uses the Zendesk API and apps framework to help automate replies and improve response times. With Zendesk as its support platform, Wargaming’s distributed team has remained flexible, coordinated, and player-focused, delivering support in 14 languages, as it manages the surge in volume.

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