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PaperCut loves Zendesk Support’s ease of use and sophisticated reporting

PaperCut chose Zendesk Support for its ease of use. The company makes software for more productive printing and uses Support to provide service to their more than 50 million customers. Watch the video to learn more.

“Zendesk is more than support, it's friendly support. There was a lot of alignment between the way we approach solving problems and what we get from Zendesk.”

- Anthony Nicola

Technical Support Manager - PaperCut




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Founded in 1998, PaperCut makes software for more productive printing. With PaperCut, companies can reduce waste, track printing, and save money.

When it comes to serving their 50 million end users, PaperCut follows one motto: Relationships through delivery. “Relationships are really important to us, with both our end users and our partners,” said Anthony Nicola, Technical Support Manager. “We’re always thinking about how we can use technology and build relationships by making a difference, rather than by the more superficial, traditional ways that lots of western businesses try to do that.”

In an effort to strengthen customer relationships, PaperCut launched a six-month trial to evaluate a handful of support products. When it came time to make a decision, Nicola’s team went with Zendesk Support because, “It was just easy. We could do everything we wanted almost exclusively through common sense.”

For PaperCut, the reports produced by Support have proved especially helpful. Now, the support team has a depth of information that allows them to make more data-driven decisions and share information more widely throughout the company. “Reporting has been a huge benefit to our business,” said Nicola. “Previously, I had to extract databases into spreadsheets and run macros and then run pivot tables, and then create charts on top of that. Now, it’s just all there.”