Door to door sales app and software

Zendesk Sell provides door-to-door teams with the tools and insights they need to grow sales.

Keep sales reps connected on the go with the #1 rated mobile sales app. Automate rep activity and communication tracking in a single platform and streamline the lead management process across teams and territories. Reps can capture outcomes as they happen with just a few simple taps, while managers can keep their teams on time and on target to improve productivity and customer relationships.

Optimierte Benutzeroberfläche

Bieten Sie Ihren Mitarbeitern ein attraktives Vertriebstool mit der Benutzerfreundlichkeit einer Consumer-App.

Relationship tracking and analytics

Dank Funktionen wie Offlinezugriff und Kommunikationsverfolgung haben Sie den Stand Ihrer Leads immer im Blick.

Analysieren Sie Ihr Unternehmen und identifizieren Sie verpasste Geschäftschancen mit One-Click-Berichten.

Sales visits and visit verification

Keine Antwort? Nicht interessiert? Erfassen Sie die Ergebnisse Ihrer Interaktionen unmittelbar nach dem Kontakt.

Also, see when a rep is actually at the location during check-in with visit verification. If the rep is not within 200yds of the check-in, the visit is not marked as verified.

Geolocation and directions

Zeigen Sie den Mitarbeitern ihre Leads auf Vertriebsgebietskarten mit One-Touch-Wegbeschreibung an.

How a Zendesk sales CRM system helps your business

Investing in the right software for your salespeople allows them to focus on what matters: closing deals and winning over more customers. Zendesk Sell keeps track of your conversations, alerts you for scheduled calls, and is backed by a dedicated team of experts to provide support when you need it. Think of Sell as your sales sidekick.