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Was ist ein Inbound-Call-Center?

An inbound call center is a contact center companies use to take large volumes of phone calls from customers who are seeking technical support, answers to questions, issue resolution, or any other customer service issues. The calls are answered by customer service agents or call agents, unlike outbound call centers which predominantly focus on making calls to the customer.

With Zendesk Voice, agents can provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage all other channels, creating one centralized support system.

Ein anderer Ansatz

Im Gegensatz zu anderen Arten von Kundensupport-Centern, die Supportanfragen aus den unterschiedlichsten Kanälen bearbeiten, ist ein Inbound-Call-Center speziell für die Beantwortung eingehender Anrufe konzipiert. Agenten sind entsprechend geschult, um Probleme am Telefon lösen zu können. Die Leistung von Telefonagenten wird daher anhand einer Reihe von Metriken gemessen:
  • Durchschnittliche Anrufdauer: wie lange ein Anruf im Durchschnitt dauert.
  • Erstlösungsquote: wie viele Anrufe auf Anhieb gelöst werden, ohne dass weitere Anrufe oder eine Anrufeskalation nötig sind.
  • Kundenzufriedenheit: wie zufrieden der Kunde mit der Interaktion war.
  • Zeit in der Warteschlange: wie lange der Kunde warten muss, bis er mit einem Agenten verbunden wurde.
It should be noted that the growth of channels like email and Twitter has motivated some customer service leaders to take advantage of inbound call center software that allows agents to interact with customers outside of the typical inbound call.

Best Practices

Providing support via an inbound call center can be a challenge because customers want quick resolution to their issues and don’t want to have to explain their issue to multiple people. It’s important for agents to deal with these calls in such a way that they are able to manage customer expectations but also ensure they are getting the context they need to resolve this issue, all while maintaining a positive rapport with the customer. Skills that agents can be taught to help with this include:
  • Be a good listener. If the customer becomes annoyed or frustrated, they might have trouble hearing your answer—even if it’s correct. Listen first, let them calm down, and then try to help them. Also, don’t turn the call into a sales call unless it seems appropriate.
  • Acknowledge. Customers want to know they are being heard, so make sure they know that you understand why they’ve called you.
  • Give them options.With an IVR (interactive voice response system), allow customers to choose to listen to FAQs or opt to leave a voicemail instead of waiting in the queue.
Ultimately listening can be a tough skill to learn, but it’s an essential one to master for a successful inbound call center. You’ve got to listen to a customer in order to repeat back to them, using supportive language, what you’ve heard them describe.

Maßgeschneidert für Ihr Unternehmen

If you’ve typically provided support via an inbound call center and not invested in other channels, now is a great time to explore inbound call center software that integrates with the systems you already have in place but also allows you to expand your support offerings to include newer channels. Doing so will let you engage with customers on their terms and provide them with seamless, multichannel customer service.

So kann Zendesk Ihnen helfen

Zendesk Voice is call center software that uses voice over internet technology (VOIP) and seamlessly integrates with Zendesk. Since it’s cloud software, setup only takes a few minutes and doesn’t require the help of technicians. Plus, it’s easy to use, so you can ramp up your agents quickly.

More importantly, integrating phone support lets agents expand the solutions they have at their disposal to engage in personal and efficient conversations with customers. With Zendesk Voice, agents can provide phone support from the same platform they use to manage all other channels, creating one centralized support system.

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