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Syfe + Zendesk: Building trust and loyalty through customer support

Founded in 2018, Syfe is a Singapore-based fintech company with a mission to empower people to build their wealth for a better future. Built on the pillars of access, advice and innovation, Syfe caters to the full spectrum of an individual’s wealth needs across diversified proprietary portfolios, cash management solutions and the region’s first neo-brokerage. As the company started to grow, it needed an efficient way to manage customer queries and serve users in their preferred communication channels. With Zendesk, Syfe can offer uninterrupted support, build trust and loyalty with its customers, and scale internationally with ease, reaching 100,000 users in Singapore alone.

We’re continuously launching new products and features and expanding into new markets, and Zendesk gives us the flexibility to scale based on our needs.

Jack Prickett

Head of Operations - Syfe

Zendesk is not just a reactive tool. It also enables us to engage product interest and adoption among our customers, and build trust and loyalty.

Jack Prickett

Head of Operations - Syfe





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Syfe is a leading all-in-one digital investment platform in the Asia-Pacific region. It was named Best Digital Advisory Solution at DigFin Group Innovation 2021 and Top Startups to look out for in 2022 by linkedin. Its mission is to transform the way people invest and manage their money by enabling simple, smart, and affordable financial solutions. “With over-information and competing priorities, busy individuals lack the time, patience and know-how to put their money to work. As a result, they are not optimizing their investments and savings to the fullest,” explains Jack Prickett, head of operations at Syfe. “Our company, therefore, aims to provide the right tools and insights to retail investors, and provide them with access to low-cost, high-quality investment products so that they can make the right moves for their money and act for their future now.”

More users, diverse preferences

Initially, Syfe relied on an email inbox and a phone line to manage customer queries. As the number of users grew, the company began looking for a more efficient solution. “With such a large volume of tickets from all over the world, our customers wanted to reach us through a variety of communication channels,” says Prickett. “We needed a solution that would bring all of these channels together and help us manage customer support effectively.”

“We’re dealing with people’s money, and they are naturally very protective of their finances. We take their trust very seriously ,” explains Prickett. “If someone uses an app to order a pizza and it doesn’t arrive, it’s annoying, but it is not a major concern. If that same person transfers money to our app, and they don’t know where their money is, they are very concerned. We can’t give them an automated message after hours. We need to be at their disposal day or night and answer their questions quickly. This helps us build trust.”

Syfe also wanted to be constantly accessible and responsive. One example of how this matters is when customers forget to insert their unique reference number on their deposit. “Thinking that their transfer has been lost, they become anxious, so our agents need to be available to process the transfer manually and assure them that their deposit is safe,” adds Prickett.

Bridging channels and geographies

Today, Syfe serves customers via chat, calls, email, Facebook, and WhatsApp through Zendesk. With a centralized platform, its agents are always at hand to provide timely support. “Most issues are solved instantaneously,” notes Prickett. “We are a digital fintech company. We don’t have a warehouse where we’re trying to find the trainers that we haven’t delivered or something of this sort.”

As Syfe started to serve customers from other parts of the globe, it relied on Zendesk to tailor its support to each segment. “In Australia, we launched our trade products, offering access to US and Australian securities,” shares Prickett. “In Hong Kong, we’ve launched our wealth offering that helps users make automatic investment plans. Zendesk enables us to filter and tag incoming queries based on these locations and establish workflows. This lets us serve different entities in one place.”

Scaling resolutely

By building trust and loyalty, Syfe’s customer base has skyrocketed to 100,000 individuals in Singapore alone. “We are very proud of the positive feedback and reviews our customers give,” says Prickett. “But to me, the real proof of our success is that we have managed to attract and retain a significant percentage of Singapore’s population.”

As Syfe scales further, it continues to prioritize and refine customer support. “After establishing a relationship with the Zendesk team, we have realized just how much the solution can do for us,” concludes Prickett. “We want to look into different Zendesk tools that may help us become more proactive instead of just answering questions as they appear. As we continue to expand, we may introduce new types of products that require more intensive support, and we are confident that Zendesk will be there to sustain our growth.”