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Zendesk and LinkedIn Learning partner to help job seekers upskill and meet the hiring demand for specialized CX roles

Evolution of technology causing employers to seek digital competencies from new hires while also reskilling existing workers. Along with the Customer Service Professional Certificate available on LinkedIn Learning, Zendesk offers a certification program to learn its products.

Veröffentlicht 15. Februar 2023

Zendesk’s 2023 CX Trends report shows that nearly 80% of leaders believe delivering a great customer experience (CX) is even more important and essential for staying competitive. In fact, customer service ranked #3 on LinkedIn’s 2023 Most In-Demand Skills list, which looks at what employers prioritized when recruiting, posting, and hiring for jobs. Zendesk believes that continued learning and credible certifications are a great way for CX leaders to differentiate themselves and demonstrate their investment in their careers. That is why we are partnering with LinkedIn Learning to offer a professional certificate.

The new Zendesk Professional Certificate on LinkedIn Learning allows professionals to further their skills, regardless of the stage of their career. It features six interactive courses in a variety of formats, providing agents with the right tools and methods to handle complex situations.

“The ability to learn and showcase in-demand skills is critical to helping people get a foot in the door with a new company or find a new role within their organization, ” said Dan Brodnitz, Sr. Director of Global Content Strategy at LinkedIn Learning, “Partnering with companies like Zendesk on assessment-based credentials is an important way we can help our learners build the right skills and demonstrate their proficiency to their network and to recruiters.”

The Professional Certificate is available to subscribers of LinkedIn Learning, the engaging skill-building solution that draws on LinkedIn’s real-time data and insights. It empowers learners to develop the right skills to advance their careers with high-quality, up-to-date personalized content.

“LinkedIn chose Zendesk as CX experts to be the trusted provider for this Professional Certificate, and with this partnership, we are committing to providing credible ways for CX leaders to showcase their expertise to the world’s most dynamic professional community,” said Beth Friday, SVP Customer Experience at Zendesk. “This offering is one of many certificates Zendesk offers to help professionals take their customer service skills to the next level.”

Learning Zendesk products through its certification program
Ninety one percent of hiring managers report certification is an important criterion for hiring, and Zendesk believes that having skilled professionals implementing and supporting customer solutions is vital. In addition to the customer service professional certificate on LinkedIn Learning, we also offer professionals the opportunity to learn Zendesk products. The Zendesk Certification Program currently includes seven product certifications for admins, agents, and developers.

Zendesk Certifications are granted to individuals who administer, implement and develop Zendesk solutions. Companies hiring certified professionals benefit by having a third-party validate a tester’s knowledge, skills and abilities, leading to a better industry reputation, higher-quality work and, ultimately, more customers.

Zendesk’s training and certification program provides service teams with the necessary skills and knowledge to respond to changing customer needs, and provide top-level customer service experiences.

The Zendesk Customer Service Professional Certificate is available now on LinkedIn Learning, and you can find out more about our additional certifications and the types of courses we offer here.