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Xerox streamlines internal workflows to support 140K employees

Impressed by Zendesk’s flexibility and effectiveness in supporting a vendor, leading global enterprise Xerox decided to implement the same solution for its own employees. By centralizing support in an intelligent online solution, Xerox streamlined internal workflows and improved ticket routing, without increasing headcount.

"With Zendesk Support we've really streamlined the task of keeping up with our support workload."

- Lucille R.

eSolutions Manager, NA Global Delivery Center - Xerox


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Xerox Corporation is a $22 billion global leader in business process and document management.

Headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, Xerox provides leading-edge document technology, services, software, and supplies for graphic communication and office printing environments of any size. With 134,000 employees, Xerox serves clients in more than 160 countries.

Xerox Document Services provides customers with centralized document management and production solutions. Users can select items from their company’s private Xerox online catalog or upload new items to be printed and delivered. Xerox Document Advisors, located at the client site, provide guidance on projects and manage client solution requests. But until recently, these on-site advisors had to send maintenance and support requests back to the Xerox offices by email, which proved to be an inefficient process.

“Our advisors often need help from employees at our Xerox offices when giving a new user access to the catalog, adding or removing a document, or depleting inventory of a document,” explained Lucille R., eSolutions Manager for the NA Global Delivery Center. “When our advisors were submitting these requests via email, we couldn’t mark tickets pending or close them out. As a result, there was a real danger of issues falling through the cracks.”

Xerox didn’t have to look far for an online solution to centralize support of its onsite Document Advisors. One of Xerox’s own vendors uses Zendesk Support to provide support, and Xerox was impressed by the effectiveness of the system. After using Support to receive support, Xerox decided to use the same solution.

“We knew firsthand that Zendesk Support was a flexible, intuitive solution, and we found it cost-effective to implement,” said Lucille. Throughout our implementation process, Zendesk’s support staff was extremely helpful and attentive.”

Today Xerox’s Document Advisors use Support to submit their support requests from a web browser at any customer location. Equally important, these requests aren’t buried in email strings and sent to a general support mailbox. By centralizing support in an intelligent online solution, Xerox has eliminated the problem of email clutter and confusion.

“I can quickly sort all open and pending tickets so that nothing ever slips through the cracks. And with Zendesk Support, we have a complete audit trail for each support ticket,” said Lucille. “We can easily see all open conversations and monitor how well we’re delivering on our SLAs.”

Using triggers and groups, Xerox escalates tickets efficiently and quickly notifies the best-fit agents for each issue. The eSolutions team set up agent groups within Zendesk that divide the staff into level 1 and level 2 agents. When new tickets arrive, notifications go to all level 1 agents to ensure issues will be addressed promptly. These agents use a drop-down menu to quickly assign serious issues to the most appropriate level 2 agents—enabling these agents to focus on what they know best without having to wade through all incoming requests.

“Zendesk Support really supports our workflow,” said Lucille. “Triggers let us control exactly which content is included in each ticket so that our agents will have the information they need to address any request.”

In addition, Support’s search feature helps the Xerox eSolutions team audit and evaluate its performance. When questions arise about past incidents, Xerox eSolutions can identify previous tickets and determine how they were addressed. “By searching within Zendesk Support, we can find all related tickets within seconds and then reconstruct for ourselves and the customer the exact steps that were taken and when they were taken,” Lucille explained.

Encouraged by its early success, the eSolutions team recently moved support for its own internal catalog to Zendesk—reducing its support costs. “Now Zendesk Support is also the main help desk for our internal Xerox catalog,” Lucille remarks. “Zendesk Support allows us to field 20 to 30 tickets per day from Xerox employees without picking up a phone or increasing headcount.”

Xerox has also integrated Support with its catalog system to streamline the process Xerox customers use to create new Document Services accounts. Now, the eSolutions team automatically receives a ticket whenever a customer wants to register, and can quickly fulfill the request.

“Whenever I get a ticket in my email from Zendesk Support, I know it’s an action request,” Lucille concludes. “That helps keep us from missing any important issues. As we bring more customers onto the system, we expect that the benefits will only continue to increase.”