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Mendelics integrates CX for both B2B and B2C customers

The first and largest Brazilian laboratory specializing in genetic diagnostic tests for rare diseases and cancer using the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technique, Mendelics turned to Zendesk to unify interactions with B2B and B2C customers

“Having a multichannel platform that enables a 360º view of the customer journey on a single screen brings a differentiated experience to our agents, facilitating the traceability and history of services for every customer."

Elaine Regis

Service Manager

“The partnership with Zendesk added greater intelligence to the CX processes and allowed us to understand in depth the concerns of our customers. Whether partner companies, suppliers, or customers, everyone has easier access to our business.”

David Albergoni

Infrastructure and Facilities Manager

Company Headquarters

São Paulo, Brazil



Zendesk customer since



Self-service resolutions


Decrease in monthly call volume


Decrease in first response time


Decrease in call resolution time

Transforming lives through genetics

Pioneers and leaders in New Generation Sequencing (NGS) in Latin America, Mendelics was founded in 2012 with the purpose of making genetic diagnosis fast, accurate, and accessible for everyone requiring such testing.

With a trajectory marked by technological innovation, the company has already carried out more than 100,000 genetic tests for various medical specialties and won the MIT Innovation Award with its proprietary Abracadabra software, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze genetic data and ensure greater agility in the delivery of the reports.

Over the years, the laboratory has become the only genomics-based laboratory in Latin America to obtain the main accreditations from CAP (American College of Pathologists – #8671464), PALC (Accreditation Program for Clinical Laboratories – #11778564) and INMETRO, in NBR/ISO-15189.

In 2019, Mendelics launched meuDNA, a company that offers genetic ancestry and health (non-diagnostic) testing directly to the end audience. The company emerged with the mission of increasing people’s quality of life through personalized genetic information. In a short time, meuDNA became one of the most well-known companies in the segment, having clients across Brazil and encouraging the debate about genetics.

Experience improvements for customers and partners

Aiming to provide the best possible experience for all audiences served by Mendelics, the company has had a partnership with Zendesk since 2016.

The continuous implementation of different functionalities of the CX platform (customer experience) has accompanied the company’s growth since its relationship was dedicated only to the B2B segment, through the sale of exams to the public sector and partners such as pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic analysis laboratories. At the time, the partnership was restricted to email service and covered basic handling of calls.

With the support of Zendesk’s Customer Success (CS) team, Mendelics was able to make its relationship with B2B and B2C customers more efficient, in addition to facilitating the routine of service agents. The company arrived at this result after an important strategic lesson: to optimize dialogues with different audiences, it is necessary to integrate all interactions under the same instance of the CX tool – instead of keeping them separate.

The next step, under the leadership of David Albergoni, infrastructure and facilities manager at Mendelics, was to incorporate two brands onto the Zendesk platform – Mendelics, for B2B customers, and meuDNA, a relationship channel with B2C retail customers.

Albergoni managed the development of the channel with the support of Zendesk after identifying that the platform was the one that best met the needs of this new B2C front. The implementation project was agile and carried out without difficulties, with the platform in operation in a short amount of time.

Concentrated doses of CX, prescribed by experts

When starting interactions with B2C and B2B customers, Mendelics had two independent instances of the Zendesk platform, each one responsible for managing service to an audience profile. The need to have an integrated look at interactions with all customers has expanded the company’s partnership with Zendesk.

These and other improvements were implemented with support from the CS team at Zendesk. Mendelics began to meet with the Zendesk specialists every two weeks to put into practice advances that facilitated the use of all the tool’s resources on a day-to-day basis. In this way, it was possible to cover several fronts of action in CX with functionalities not yet implemented on the platform, including macros, views, and chat implementation.

The platform upgrade and support from the CS team not only mitigated service problems (such as segregation between B2B and B2C), but also extended the Zendesk platform to part of the sales team through Zendesk Sell. Together, all agents manage thousands of interactions monthly.

With these changes, the dialogue between individuals and the company, centralized via meuDNA, became more agile and friendly. Through Zendesk tools, users receive support through chat (which can be accessed through the company’s website, leading to a dialogue with human service), through the help center (which gathers frequent questions and answers without having to call an agent ) and social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn).

All contacts and complaints are also easily mapped by the platform. With the support of Zendesk technology, it has already been possible to reduce the average first response time by 45% (from October 2021 to February 2022) and by 11.07% for the average call resolution time (from November 2021 to February 2022).

Precise diagnosis for each customer profile

In 2021, a fine-tuning made with the support of Zendesk’s CS team helped transform the platform into even more strategic forms of customer contact. This expanded the possibilities related to extracting data to support decision making by Mendelics leaders.

Given the ability to cover different brands of the same company, Zendesk’s solution helps to offer specific and personalized interactions for different audiences. Parameterizations on the platform offer a complete view of the experience lived by each customer, no matter what area is involved in the service.

As important as offering high-quality service is providing adequate tools that facilitate agents’ performance – which is essential to create an environment conducive to success in CX. It is with this in mind that Mendelics is currently planning improvements with the extension of self-service via the Zendesk AI agent and SLA.

These are projects that take into account the agent’s vision, in order to make the team’s work even more agile and effective. Already with the support of the help center at Mendelics and meuDNA, the company recorded from October 2021 to January 2022 a 61.6% increase in the volume of demands resolved through self-service (without the need for an agent to be called) or less expensive channels. This contributed to a 28.8% reduction in the volume of service calls opened in the same period.

By concentrating channel management (e-mail, help center, telephone and CRM in Mendelics; and chat and help center in meuDNA), Zendesk has consolidated itself as the company’s main service tool. The results benefit both internal and external audiences, combining agility in the work of agents with greater ease of access and communication for both patients and clients, as well as companies. It is no coincidence that these advances translate into an increase in the CSAT, an index that measures customer satisfaction, which approached an average of 80% at the beginning of 2022.