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Magazine Luiza taps Zendesk for agile CX and efficiency gains

To keep the focus on the customer and prevent bottlenecks and friction throughout the consumer journey, Magazine Luiza adopted the Zendesk CX platform. With more than 250,000 incoming calls monthly, the retail company has achieved increased productivity, improved service performance, as well as a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

Magazine Luiza
“We are looking for a platform to keep our focus on the customer, eliminate friction with the consumer and make the service more fluid.”

Beatriz Menezes

Service Manager - Magazine Luiza

“The partnership with Zendesk resulted in an increase in customer service performance. There was a 16% increase in team productivity.”

Amanda Diniz

Customer Intelligence Manager - Magazine Luiza

Company Headquarters

São Paulo, Brazil



Service Agents


Retail Stores


45 days

Zendesk implementation time


Improvement in CSAT rate


Reduction in asset island staff


Increase in service team productivity

Some time ago, Magazine Luiza – also known as Magalu – stopped being a traditional retail enterprise that relied on the support of a digital department. Now, the digital philosophy is a premise, since the physical points of sale are now part of a unified structure that also includes the e-commerce portion of the retail enterprise — which has become a large digital platform.

And it is through technology that the company seeks to put into practice one of its greatest missions: providing the best customer experience.

This attention to customers has been around for a long time — more precisely since Luiza Helena Trajano, currently chairman of the Board of Directors, was Magazine Luiza’s first SAC agent. Since then, the enterprise has grown a lot, currently reaching more than 250,000 customer calls per month.

Focus on customer

This close and recurring relationship with consumers is the result of a structure of more than 1,429 physical stores and a revenue of more than BRL 56 billion in 2021. The digitization has also raised the importance of e-commerce, which today accounts for approximately 50% of the enterprise’s sales.

“Bringing to many what is accessible to a few” has always been one of Magazine Luiza’s purposes, through the democratization of access to different product categories. It is no wonder that customers have always been the reason for the company’s existence — so much so that “do to others what you would like them to do to you” is one of the organization’s internal mottos.

Today, the continuous improvement of consumer experience, both on the website and in the physical stores, is part of the retail chain’s routine. All this work is concentrated at Luiza Resolve, Magalu’s call center. It is there that the company faces a daily challenge: How to scale customer service without neglecting human warmth?

Fluid and bottleneck-free service

With an eye on improving its service processes, Magazine Luiza identified in Zendesk’s portfolio a platform capable of helping them to continue focusing on the customer, as well as preventing disagreements with the consumer.

This solution also makes it possible to improve the service flow and eliminate any bottlenecks along the consumer’s journey. This was essential to keep the team 100% focused on what really matters, which is meeting customer needs.

Agility and productivity

With the Zendesk platform, Magazine Luiza integrated all customer demands — including complaints, requests, and compliments — in a single place. This solution allows any information needed to serve the customer to be retrieved quickly, making the agent work in a much more agile and productive way.

It doesn’t matter if the interaction is through Facebook, Twitter, or another channel. It is possible to set a priority, solve any problem, and track service calls without any difficulty.

With the Zendesk help center, Magalu now has an intuitive platform capable of structuring a rich knowledge base, based on the most frequently asked questions from customers. An internal solution that guides agents to identify the best procedure to speed up each service. The tool also shares data with carriers, allowing them to quickly respond to each ticket received.

Only 45 days elapsed between the contracting of Zendesk and the completion of implementation, which was considered a success. All this agility allowed Magazine Luiza to rely on the intelligence of the Zendesk help center during Black Friday, generating important benefits for both agents and customers.

A partnership of results

“The partnership with Zendesk resulted in a significant increase in the customer service performance index. The company recorded a 16% increase in the agent team’s productivity. There was also a 25% improvement in the customer satisfaction index. And the asset department, an area dedicated to returning customer contacts, including those who register a complaint, had its staff reduced by 81%,” says Amanda Diniz, customer intelligence manager at Magazine Luiza.

Seeing continuous improvements in customer service processes, the retail chain continues to count on Zendesk as an important business partner. A phrase stamped in the hallway of Luiza Resolve is emblematic: “What we don’t change is that we always change.”

The synergy between Magazine Luiza and Zendesk is based on a common element: The passion for customers and the obsession with putting them at the center of all decisions. Both companies also believe in technology’s huge potential to drive the digital inclusion of the retailer’s consumers.

Magazine Luiza plans to continue its support for the creation of true and genuine bonds between agents and customers. This approach makes it possible to understand consumers’ needs and solve their problems in a much more efficient way, without sacrificing the personal touch and human warmth.