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CoinJar: Productivity and savings add up with Zendesk Sell

CoinJar, one of the world’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchanges, has seen rapid growth following its expansion from Australia to the UK. With customer numbers increasing, the small sales team needed a more user-friendly and efficient solution to replace its overly complicated tech stack. Rolling out sequences and bulk email in Zendesk Sell increased visibility and productivity at scale, while saving each sales rep 1.5+ hours per week.

“Zendesk Sell has an intuitive user interface, competitive pricing, excellent security, and a variety of must-have features for a small sales team.”

Charles Goodman

Client Manager UK - CoinJar

“We faced an increase in business and were ready for it, thanks to Zendesk Sell. We found it easy to use and made it possible to scale with our growing team.”

Charles Goodman

Client Manager UK - CoinJar

Company Headquarters

Melbourne, Australia

Number of Customers


Company founded


1.5+ hours

Sales rep weekly time savings


Savings compared to Salesforce

Founded in 2013, CoinJar is Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange. The business specializes in providing simple and secure cryptocurrency solutions to consumers as well as ASX- and FTSE-listed companies, traders, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals. To date, CoinJar has helped more than 600,000 customers worldwide buy, sell, and spend billions of dollars in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

One of the key selling points that sets CoinJar apart is its all-in-one, high-performance crypto wallet app. Client Manager Charles Goodman explains, “We have the most no-nonsense app out there for easy deposits. Users can onboard an investment, convert it into a cryptocurrency, and then convert it back when ideally they’ve made some money.”

Goodman has played a pivotal role in CoinJar’s recent expansion to the UK, working directly with the CEO to grow the business in this new market. As the company entered a period of continued growth and adoption, leadership saw an increasing need to explore alternative CRM solutions.

Implementing Zendesk Sell helped CoinJar reach new levels of success, including improvements in visibility, sales rep productivity, and efficiency. “We faced an increase in business and were ready for it, thanks to Zendesk Sell. We found it easy to use and made it possible to scale with our growing team,” says Goodman.

The CRM that delivers 47% in savings over Salesforce

Before switching to Zendesk, CoinJar had tried using Salesforce, but the user interface (UI) was overly complex and too time-consuming for its small but mighty sales team to use. Even after migrating customer records to Google Sheets and using an internal CRM, the team still found its homegrown system insufficient to keep up with a fast-growing customer base.

A thorough testing period led CoinJar to explore AgileCRM, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, and Dynamics before the team ultimately decided on Zendesk Sell to streamline and simplify its sales team operations.

CoinJar had already been using Zendesk’s support ticketing and 24/7 knowledge base, so integrating with Sell was a smooth process for the IT team. Goodman saw it as a win-win for the company: “Zendesk Sell has an intuitive user interface, competitive pricing, excellent security, and a variety of must-have features for a small sales team.” The sales CRM has already exceeded expectations, with Zendesk providing 47 percent more savings compared to Salesforce.

A better client journey with fast response times

With a long list of high-net-worth customers, it’s vital for CoinJar to respond in a timely manner and increase its lead conversion rate. One way the sales team can do that is by using Zendesk tags to filter and differentiate which currencies customers and clients are currently trading and what they are interested in.

“Sell makes it easier for us to target existing customers and prospects with events, new products, and purpose-driven marketing. That allows us to be very strategic in deciding who to contact and how to approach them,” explains Goodman. The faster sales reps can rank and respond to new leads, the more likely they are to increase conversion rates that drive revenue.

Having a quick and easy way to manage existing customer relationships also helps drive retention at CoinJar. “We’re not only able to keep existing clients happy with our product and answer their queries, but also to introduce them to helpful features and products.”


Increased visibility saves reps valuable time

CoinJar’s sales team and customer support team work closely together and communicate on a daily basis, so transparency is essential. Zendesk provides greater visibility into customer interactions, allowing any sales rep to hop into a conversation, see the context, and follow up without skipping a beat.

Automated email sequences and email tracking have also helped improve internal collaboration and accelerate response times at CoinJar. Since integrating Sell, the sales team has decreased the time spent on manual data entry and increased the activities per rep (calls made, emails sent, opportunities logged).

In fact, setting up bulk email and task sequences in Zendesk Sell saves each CoinJar sales rep at least 1.5 hours per week, or 10 working days each year. With the hours saved, team members can spend more time building the pipeline, growing market share, and launching revenue-generating activities.

Supporting multiple markets with one flexible tool

Zendesk’s flexibility and reliability have empowered CoinJar to successfully balance three areas of business–retail, corporate, and online banking. Having the agility to handle those B2C and B2B markets is more important than ever as the company continues to expand.

On the retail side, traders, families, and high-net-worth individuals who want to sign up for an account represent a fast growing customer base. CoinJar is blazing a trail by using Sell to manage VIP clients in its B2C market, while delivering a top notch experience every step of the way. One of Goodman’s current goals in the UK is getting a lean sales team set up in Sell to help retail clients and improve conversions.

Zendesk is also an ideal solution to handle onboarding and contact management on both the B2C and B2B side. CoinJar leverages Sell to establish great relationships with companies looking to set up an account for crypto trading, as well as supporting online banks and online Fx companies who want to present their clients with another type of currency offering.

Anticipating the next boom in crypto, CoinJar is proactively focused on getting the CRM framework and key components together so the team can handle higher demand from clients across the world. Goodman adds, “We want to be ready for that increased level of business. Sell will give us a way to streamline and scale operations as we go global.”