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Give your team access to clients’ entire engagement history with Klaviyo&Zendesk.

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*Give your customer service team access to clients’ entire engagement history by linking up Zendesk and Klaviyo. *

Used by dozens of Zendesk clients (and counting!)

Our Zendesk app will improve the quality of your customer service, giving agents the key context they need to handle inquiries more efficiently.

Nothing annoys customers more than feeling like every time they get in touch with you, they’re starting the conversation from scratch.

And it’s just as frustrating for agents when they don’t have the info they need to hand in order to anticipate their customers’ needs.

Now you can sync Zendesk Sunshine and Klaviyo to ensure that when your agents log in to Zendesk to deal with a ticket, they don’t only see the customer’s support history but their whole journey — including transactions, website events, emails, messages and more.

That means picking up the conversation right where they left off — without wasting their customer’s time asking them for information they’ve already given.

Would this work for your business?

If you’re running an ecommerce customer service team—yes

If your customers get in touch with you and you need to see their multiple touchpoints—yes.

If you want to offer a more joined-up service and empower your agents to give each conversation the personal touch—then absolutely, yes, this is for you.

If you hate the idea of frustrated customers being asked for a the same information for the 2nd or 3rd time, while your agent can only apologise —this app is going to solve those concerns.

*Our solution gives you a seamless integration between Klaviyo and Zendesk—bridging the customer service knowledge gap. *

Here’s what our app allows you to do:

  • Sync data from Klaviyo to Zendesk.

  • Constnatly push new events and customers from Klaviyo into Zendesk.

  • Pull the latest customer info whenever a new ticket is created.

  • Empower agents to offer more personalized support.

  • Help agents clear more tickets more quickly, without affecting CX.

  • Solve the issues of customers having to repeat themselves to each agent they deal with.

  • Relax, knowing your service is better, your staff is less stressed and your customers are happier.

From the customer’s point of view - it’s less frustrating. They feel like the person they’re dealing with understands them and their journey so far.

From your agent’s point of view - it’s less stressful. They can understand the customer’s back story at a glance and target their support more effectively.

And from a business point of view - a better service, happier staff and customers, and higher retention.


Can’t we already do this in Zendesk?

You’ll be able to see the support ticket history, sure, but if your customers frequently contact you by other methods, not all of that information will be stored in Zendesk.

How often does the data update between the two platforms?

By default, the app syncs Klaviyo and Zendesk on the creation of any new ticket in Zendesk and also every 6 hours — this is a defaut setting and can be customised as needed.

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