Actioner is a no-code Slack app builder.

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Actioner’s Zendesk app allows support professionals to run daily tasks without leaving Slack.

Conversational ticketing with Zendesk

Actioner integrates Zendesk with Slack seamlessly and allows your support team to;

  • Get notifications in Slack when tickets are created or updated in Zendesk

  • Run any Zendesk action in Slack , create and assign tickets, update ticket status, add comments and more.

  • Drive conversations with requesters and other agents on Zendesk tickets through Slack threads.

  • Easily automate your processes between Slack and Zendesk building workflows with no code.

Dedicate Slack channels for Zendesk

You can dedicate Slack channels that enable your team to respond to and resolve tickets faster.

Dedicate requests channels for your internal users to request help in Slack. How to raise a request is up to you. You can create tickets instantly when a message is sent to the request channel or when reacted with 🎫 emoji.

Dedicate triage channels for your agents to get notified of new tickets, manage them, and track updates and related activities.

Using Zendesk in Slack with Actioner

You can also check out use cases to learn how Actioner helps support professionals:

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