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Klick-Zen allows you to add actionable buttons to your Zendesk ticket emails and responses automatically, allowing customers to update ticket properties with the click of a button. Enhance your workflow and save valuable time and resources by having customers update ticket details themselves!

Klick-Zen provides the ability to have a customer respond to a Zendesk ticket email by simply clicking a button in their email. When clicked, the button will update the ticket as needed, and direct the customer to either a generic "thank you" landing page, or another web-based landing page of your choosing.

Klick-Zen hosts the button images and the generic landing web page; no additional hosting is required!

Easy to Use

Create a fully-functional button with just a few clicks - be up and running with your first button in minutes!

Add a button to your Zendesk automated email response templates, or have your agents insert a button directly into a Zendesk comment right from the Klick-Zen toolbar in the ticket editor.


Control exactly how your button looks with features such as border, foreground, and background colors, font, and more! Each button is rendered as an image within the email for a consistent experience.

Customize the post-click landing page (hosted by Klick-Zen) to include your company colors, logo, and any message you choose. Or direct the user to your own landing page or support site.

Create a custom subdomain for the button images and landing page for a seamless customer experience.


When a button is clicked by a customer, actions can be taken on their ticket automatically, without the customer even having to log in to your support center. Your button can perform actions such as:

  • Changing the ticket status
  • Adding a tag
  • Inserting a specific private or public comment
  • Updating a custom ticket field

Add multiple buttons to an email to present choices to the customer. Add more than one action into the same button for greater functionality. Combine these actions with Zendesk triggers for an even more powerful workflow:

  • Automatically route tickets based on a customer responses
  • Respond to a customer with additional information
  • Have a customer confirm quickly and easily that their issue was resolved, and close the ticket


Enjoy the full feature set of Klick-Zen for a total cost of only $29 a month (price is per Zendesk domain).


Klick-Zen includes the following features:

  • Include button automatically in Zendesk response emails
  • Customize button look and feel
  • Add multiple actions to the same button
  • Button image hosting
  • Default landing page hosting
  • Unlimited button clicks
  • Create an unlimited amount of buttons
  • Custom starting button template
  • Button cloning
  • Customizable hosted landing page
  • Use your own domain for button images and hosted landing page
  • Full product support

for more information, please visit our website at https://www.klick-zen.com

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