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Thankful's customer service technology integrates seamlessly with Zendesk in minutes. Our AI super-agent resolves up to 60% of all customer email, SMS, or chat queries without a human in the loop.

Leading brands including Fashion Nova, UNTUCKit, Pura Vida, and MeUndies depend on Thankful to provide a great customer experience, everytime. And Thankful requires no extra training.

Returns, exchanges, track orders, missing packages and 30 other complex ticket types are answered so skillfully, end-customers believe they're interacting with a human.

Brands using Thankful see improved CSAT scores, more loyal customers and increased repurchase rates. All without requiring extra training for your team.

With Thankful in place, your human agents are freed from repetitive transactional tasks to invest in higher value customer interactions.

Thankful doesn't approximate the answer with auto-responses, we solve customer problems exactly like a human agent does (only faster and more accurately). And if Thankful can't solve the problem, it seamlessly escalates to your human agents while providing your agents with critical information.

Please note that Thankful is a paid service. Contact us for pricing.

Get a free demo to see what Thankful can do for your customer service.


"Her response was incredibly fast. Kind and professional. I'm pretty sure she was born atop Mt Olympus and given away to mortal parents."

"I was very impressed with the speed and helpfulness of the response."

"Thank you so much. This entire process has been incredibly easy and friendly."

"As far as customer service goes, I think that this was one of my best experiences."

"...quick to respond, very knowledgeable, and is why I will be a repeat customer for sure!"

"I don't think any store has ever offered such amazing customer service, and at 10pm at that! Definitely referring my friends after this exchange!"

Get a free demo to see what Thankful can do for your customer service.

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