Thankful’s AI tech delivers human-level customer service to independently resolve e-com helpdesk tickets at scale while surfacing invaluable business insights.

Thankful's customer service technology seamlessly integrates with Zendesk in minutes. Our AI Agent resolves up to 60% of all customer email, SMS, in-app, and chat queries without human involvement.

Leading brands who put their customers first, including UNTUCKit, Pura Vida, and MeUndies trust Thankful to provide great customer experiences, every time.

Returns, exchanges, track orders, missing packages, and over 50 other complex ticket types are consistently resolved with accuracy and personalization. Trained and fully managed by Thankful’s in-house specialists, Thankful’s AI Agent achieves a level of nuanced understanding that end-customers believe they are interacting with a human.

Brands using Thankful see an improvement in CSAT scores, greater customer loyalty, and an increase in repurchase rates.

With Thankful in place, your human agents are freed from repetitive transactional tasks and can invest in higher value customer interactions.

Thankful doesn't approximate the answer with auto-responses, we solve customer problems exactly like a human agent does (only faster and more accurately). And if Thankful can't solve the problem, it seamlessly escalates to your human agents while providing your agents with critical customer context.

Please note that Thankful is a paid service. Contact us for pricing.

Get a free demo to see what Thankful can do for your customer service.

Up to 99.98% NLP accuracy

What is Thankful:

Thankful is the world’s most advanced AI customer service solution. Our Mission is to give every customer access to great service by giving every brand the technology to deliver it. Deep learning customer intent engine can understand, respond to, and resolve over 50 types of customer inquiries.

How to Get Started:

We know how stretched your tech and CS resources are, so our process is designed to deliver maximum value with minimum effort. Schedule a demo to see Thankful live in-action, and to discuss your use-cases, requirements, and goals. From there, we will do a full analysis of how Thankful can impact your brand. Our team of experts will then guide the integration while partnering with you to create, deploy, measure, iterate, and maintain your unique customer experience.


In under 10 minutes, Thankful can be natively integrated with Zendesk to power human-like automation on every channel.

How Thankful + Zendesk work together:

A deep integration with Zendesk enables Thankful’s AI Agent to operate inside the helpdesk exactly like a human agent does: replying to tickets, routing, adding tags and disposition, merging tickets, and gathering additional information to help support your other agents.

With Thankful handling large volumes of tickets within Zendesk, your agents can concentrate on delivering high-value customer service interactions. The Thankful + Zendesk partnership also exclusively empowers brands to merge tickets with the same topic from the same customer, a key time-saving feature especially at peak season.

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