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Show contact info and invoices from Exact Online in Zendesk.

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The Exact Online app seamlessly integrates with Zendesk. It allows you to show contact information and invoices from Exact Online next to your Support tickets or Sell Deals in Zendesk.


This application has 2 versions on the marketplace: - Exact Online Belgium - Exact Online Netherlands

Why Exact Online for Zendesk

When customers reach out to customer service or sales, do you know who’s ‘on the line’? You should. Customers hate explaining their problems repeatedly when switching between support channels or agents. And having them provide the information you already have on file is not helping. It’s your job to know your customers. Make sure your agents know with whom they’re talking or chatting. Create a 360° view on the customer that’s readily available. Right there in the Zendesk workspace, for instance.

With Exact Online for Zendesk, you now have direct access to contact information, company info, and an overview of outstanding and paid invoices.

Introducing Exact Online for Zendesk

The Exact Online app unites all your business and customer data by displaying critical Exact Online information in your Zendesk sidebar, offering you a single and real-time view of the customer and allowing you to solve tickets faster. Of course, that adds to the customer experience. Whether customers are chatting, calling or emailing, the Exact Online App assists your sales and support reps with giving the customers the right information at the right time.


Agents have instant access to Exact Online’s information by directly querying the integrated app. They can:

  • Automatically match a ticket’s requester, or a deal’s contact with the right contact in Exact Online based on name or email address.
  • Find Company data from Exact Online: name, email, phone, address
  • Find Contact data from Exact Online: name, email, phone,
  • Ten most recent invoices with numbers, data, and description.
  • Easily look up additional data in a new Exact Online tab by clicking the Order ID.


This app requires your Exact Online software to be hosted in Netherlands and also requires a user with admin rights to link the app to your Zendesk instance. We also have a version for Exact Online hosted in the Netherlands available on the Zendesk Marketplace

Updates & support

Our apps are updated regularly to support new Zendesk features and capabilities. Do you have any questions about this app? Feel free to contact us.

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Premium Plus is your guide to a better customer experience. As a Premier Partner of Zendesk, we help you move forward with your Zendesk integration and provide you with the right processes, tools, and setup to deliver the best possible solution for your business, and more importantly, for your customers. Find out more on our website →

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