Brighten up your help center with Aitvaric, an easy-to-use theme with side panel navigation and an optional toggle for your users to switch between light and dark mode.
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Effortlessly customize your help center without needing to code. Aitvaric is suitable for any industry and completely customizable.

Side Panel Navigation

Navigate between sections with ease using Aitvaric's expandable, scrollable side panel.

Branding with Imagery and Colors

Represent your brand with our theme's robust branding capabilities. Create a visually engaging environment that aligns seamlessly with your brand identity.

Navigation Blocks

Call attention to specific destinations in your help center or your company's website with customizable navigation blocks.

Dynamic Dark and Light Mode

Our theme offers a dynamic approach to user preferences with both dark and light mode options. Tailor the visual experience to suit diverse user preferences, providing a comfortable and personalized reading environment. What's more, you can set unique images for each mode, ensuring a consistent brand aesthetic in any setting.

Free Installation Support

To ensure a smooth transition to our theme, we offer complimentary installation support. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you in setting up the theme for optimal performance. Please note that for this service, temporary admin permissions will be required. Contact us at to get started.

Standard & Developer Licenses

Both the standard and developer licenses are one-time costs, and both allow full customization. The developer license allows access to edit the source code for even more modifications.


This theme includes support for translated dynamic content in custom html for your end users.


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