Role is a responsive and mobile-friendly Zendesk theme created by popular request. It helps to organize content around user roles, and can also be suitable when category types are limited in number (2-5 categories).
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Role is a responsive and mobile-friendly Zendesk theme that is inspired by requests to organize content around user roles.

This theme is good for use cases where:

  • Usefulness of the content is primarily based on user's roles (content for one role would be largely irrelevant to a different role)
  • Category types tend to be limited in number (2-5 categories), such as products or brands

Role has many custom settings beyond the default colors, fonts, branding, etc. Custom settings include header links, homepage and community headlines, search results formatting, and customization of elements on the homepage and community main page.

Standard license
Provides a pre-built theme that you can enable directly in your Help Center. Standard licenses don't provide access to the source code and only allow preconfigured settings.
Standard license : $ 0

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