Origin Technology Solutions

Cairo, Egypt
Origin offers premium solutions using latest technology presented in the finest quality.

Origin is a startup organization started in August 2018 aiming to introduce a high level quality of solutions and services to customers. Since its lunch Origin has targeted many calibers in Software market in order to lay strong foundation of Software Solutions to its customers. Origin has gained deep knowledge in Egyptian market and Gulf due to the fact that Origin's team is highly skilled and participated in many projects in Egyptian market and Gulf, serving many clients in different industries.

Our Vision To be recognized as one of the preferred solution providers of cutting-edge, high-impact software solutions within the business, corporate and local government sectors worldwide. We want our products to be recognized as best-of-breed solutions in their respective fields.

Our Mission We mainly target to take software industry in Egypt to an edge to compete with services provided worldwide. On the basis of close, long-term customer relationships and continuously high levels of service excellence, its our mission to empower our customers to utilise the latest information technologies effectivly in order to streamline thier operations, monitor and improve their performance and to thus ultimately enhance their competitiveness within their chosen markets.

Angebotene Services
Development Services
Design/Guide Theming
Middle East & Central Asia
Implementation Partner

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